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    Intel Core i5 4440
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    Asus H97M-E
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    Intel HD Graphics 4600
  1. dear sir, i wanted to migrate from clover to opencore bootloader. i prepared a USB thumb drive with olarila opencore EFI folder. the problem is when i select Macintosh HD on opencore gui screen, after 2 or 3 second my machine restart again and again. hardware specs: asus h97m-e intel core i5 4440 intel hd graphics 4600 8GB RAM 128GB SATA SSD
  2. I installed macOS Mojave 10.14 on my PC with Asus H97M-E mobo, Intel core i3 4160, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GT640 2GB and a 128GB transcend SSD. Everything is working just fine. But when I apply SSD trim enable patch in my clover config and then in clover boot screen when I select the boot from the Mojave drive it reboots 1st time and 2nd time booted successfully in every time when I start my PC. Please help me And I'm extremely sorry for my bad English
  3. sir, here the files for Asus H97M-E waiting for patches thanks Asus H97M-E.zip
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