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  1. I FINALLY DID IT! Had to try way too many things, but finally I am able to boot with OpenCore. Not only that, I also fixed Wi-Fi and Battery after booting with OC. So now I have the same fully functional Hackintosh, but booting with OC instead of Clover. This is now solved!
  2. Yes, and it's all fine: https://opencore.slowgeek.com/?file=laptopkabylake060hV8TVR&rs=laptopkabylake060 PickerMode = External is ok because I'm using OpenCore's graphic interface. Only thing that changes using builtin is that you select the boot units using a text-only ugly-looking gui on screen. AAPL,ig-platform-id = 00001619 is correct too because I'm spoofing Skylake graphics on purpose. SMCBatteryManager.kext is ok, the battery is already patched. But I tried removing that kext and line from config.plist and it's the same, I can't boot and get the same error.
  3. i7-7500U (Kabylake). But I use lilucpu=8 in bootargs and inject properties to emulate Skylake graphics, because there is a known issue with Kabylake graphics showing weird color gradients on the internal screen, solved by emulating Skylake graphics.
  4. Hi!I'm a long time Hackintosh user. I started with Chameleon, then I had to learn a lot to use Clover, and now I'm trying to learn and use OpenCore.My laptop currently works perfect with Clover, on Catalina, but now that we have a public beta of Big Sur and that I'm about to get a new laptop with an Intel 10th gen processor, I wanna try OpenCore.There are too many guides and even some contradicting info on the net, but after some hours, I think I have an EFI folder in compliance to what OpenCore needs for this system. However, I'm putting that EFI folder on a usb stick, boot from it to see if
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