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  1. hey guys, im stuck on an issue with Big Sur, have googled and messed around with it but i cant figure it out. 9600k/msi h370 pro carbon/bcm4360cd/Nvidia GT730/OpenCore 6.5 it works fine - Olarila image install. it's all good but i carbon copied a Big Sur imac with all apps and settings to a 500gb Samsung Evo and cant get this to boot. same EFI that boots a fresh install just fine. Serial port is disabled in BIOS as few people suggest that is the issue. the carbon copy disk just boots to black screen, vnc to it also black screen. mouse pointer moves, keyboard respo
  2. Hey MaLdOn, I wanted to get up and running fast, so i used the Olarila 10th gen clover folder, because you guys do a great job, and took about 50 reboots and maybe 10-12 hours and its working fine. even sleeps after USB map etc. hardware is Asus Strix Z490-H / 10700k / GTX1080 / Native BT+Wifi Card do you mind to have a look please? attached sendme.zip I couldnt get AppleALC going, tried all layouts, in iOreg clover layouts dont seem to effect, its always showing layout7, the other thing is when booting with AppleALC it stops for about 15 seconds and fans run at hig
  3. it worked! thanks for help. im using High Sierra because i have GTX1080. hey, yea, i have a fair bit of reading to do, but if you have time. everytime i edit the config with OC configurator i get Security Violation and unable to boot. i changed alcid=11 and now wont boot
  4. im stuck.. can anyone help? strix z490-h mobo/10700k High sierra Olarila installer = stuck on End Randomseed Mojave Olarila installer = stuck on End Randomseed existing HS = same. tried different version of AptioMemFix tried xmp on and off.
  5. hey MaLdOn, thanks, but getting ACPI error on boot. see pic https://imgur.com/p3dlMH6
  6. Hey guys, i'm fumbling my way through a hack, i managed to get everything working but lots of wake from sleep failures, both on 10.14 and 10.15 any chance of taking a look at it please? booted with clover.series.100.200.300 EFI and run me output: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=04630022492192085725 Asus z170 Pro Gaming / i5 6600k / Radeon 270x 2GB (shows as 370x in mac osx but works perfectly). thanks in advance!
  7. hey MaLd0n, it doesnt work, fails. it times out for me or something, no download manager, Firefox on High Sierra. not even using the computer when trying. normally i get from piratebay but not updated there. even Google drive sharing would be better. i really like your Olarila images, but the download sucks man if you don't do anything, please upload torrent to piratebay? the best thing about these images it didnt convert to apfs last install on m.2 ssd! brilliant! (10.14.5) and the files section super handy. thank you
  8. hey guys, any chance of torrent links for 10.14.6 and Catalina? the current download links are pretty bad, can't even wget -c and it times out. because, like, you know, Olarila images are the absolute bomb greetings from Australia
  9. hey guys, just tried the Olarila Sierra 10.12.6 image. very good! thanks! booting from it install took 15 minutes, no fuss, no problems. is there any chance of download location that can be done with wget -c?
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