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  1. Thanks. I know that your EFI folder is working. Maybe it is the fact that I want to install Big Sur on an external drive connected to a USB3 port, the reason of this issue. 😪
  2. Hi @MaLd0n I'm using premade EFI folder on my Z390 Aorus Master (i7 9700K) to install macOS 10.16 on my external hard drive. I can't boot fine the USB Installer. On second stage, Big Sur Beta stuck at "less than a minute remaining" since two hours. Any ideas! Please
  3. MaLdOn, ESP Mounter Pro v1.9.1 works until 10.15.2 Beta 2 on my Catalina system. Only now, there is a message to update helper. The app close itself. I've made a mistake with this app! EDIT: It was a problem when I copy the app from one HDD to another one. Downloading again solves the problem. Thanks.
  4. Hi ESP Mounter Pro v1.9.1 don't work on macOS 10.15.2 dev Beta 2: there is a message "helper need to be update" before closing this great app. Any solution or update soon... Please.
  5. Sorry for my bad english: I don't understand well. You means that your DSDT contains same patch for AppleBusPowerController, Right?
  6. Hi MaLdOn, How to add Ewerd's section for AppleBusPowerController in the SSDT you made for my Z390 Aorus Master? Or could you do for me, please. Thanks in advance https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bGJ2D3-OsL1dtgxRQLSO6rmDOYga1K-X
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