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  1. Yes, is old but work good, need more ram. But why stuck on acpi?
  2. Hi my friend, i wish to install Big Sur with clover because O.C. doesn't boot on my main board but clover boot on efi and uefi. When i try to install Big Sur public release bootloader stop on ioapic, see my attach. I try many times and combines configuration but nothing, clover 5120 K.P. on AppleIntelCpupowermanagement on all os's installed on my computer but clover 5121 work good. I install all distro Mac Os and work very good but Big Sur refuze to install, please any help, thank you. Attach my config. My hardware is Cpu i3 530 support sse4.2, Mb dh55tc, ram 4GB, video Nvidia gforce 210,
  3. Cannot run this app, is in the boot screen, how to run Runme.app without desktop screen? I attach file capture.
  4. Hi everyone, i install HS on my AMD laptop A315 Acer, but to post instalation stuck at ioconsole, see my attach images, i try other config files, kext's, but not result. In preinstallation work good and have image on display at same lines without issue, restart and boot from usb and then patch kernel from XLNC, reboot and boot from my HS ssd stuck on ioconsoleuser, please any help??? This configuration is AMD A9-9420, 4GB ddr4 RAM, AMD Radeon 520 2GB Vram, 128GB SSD. Untitled.zip
  5. OK thx, only must replace card to another module to work on hackintosh. The notebook hp 250 g7 work greate to Mojave and Catalina, upgrade work without issue, except this module wifi bluethoot.
  6. Is for usb, i need for internal mini-pci-e.
  7. Hi everyone, i install Mojave for my Laptop Hp250 g7 notebook pc and upgrade to Catalina. Working good without wifi, bluetooth and card reader. Is there a possible driver for Realtek8821CE? Otherwise, native audio, video uhd620 with clover patch with metal support, Lan Gb RealtekRTL8111-V2.2.2 network work. Thx.
  8. Hi all, i fix this issue with config_tom.plist, thx allconfig_tom.zip for who need.
  9. download and enable this patch still nothing, same issue, sierra, high sierra and mojave.
  10. notebook hp 250 g7 I5-8265U Whiskey Lake
  11. hi no results, i tried all sorts of variants, esp mode, uefi mode, patch enabled, disable patch, i downloaded CLOVER.NOTEBOOKS.100.200.300 and installed without any results, offfff, i don't know what else to do, I have a signature desktop and I installed and ran all the macos distributions without major problems.
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