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  1. So i've got my machine running quite stably, and it has been for some time now, but i keep having an issue (notably only in games like WoW and SC2, but sometimes on the desktop), where the mouse cursor will hang in place while the video continues and then a second or 2 later catch up. I was wondering if you had any knowledge on how to fix this/what is causing it. *EDIT* I should also say that it seems to come and go, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, its really odd. Thanks in advance!
  2. Just out of curiosity, does this work with a 10.7.2 installer from the app store. More importantly, does the "Extra Lion" work with this version of the installer.
  3. I've done some more digging and it seems like the problem is that Lion doesn't want to interact with something that is labeled as IDE even though it is plugged into a SATA port. I suspect this is a limitation of the bios, that these ports wont run as AHCI (which i'm assuming would remove the problem). I have acouple of spare PCIE ports and after reading a post on tonycrap i think i'm going to get a PCIE Sata card that runs natively on AHCI and that has been tested to work OOB with no kexts. http://tonycrapx86.blogspot.com/2011/08/increasing-disk-performance-sata-6gbs.html I will wait until monday, but if anyone has any comments on this and whether this is a good idea, please let me know.
  4. Please read through this entire thread. I've used the VoodooHDA.kext that is posted in this thread and gotten full audio working. In regardes to the DVD player, still no luck getting it to work. When i boot up the system, the drive shows all the proper information, but the minute you stick in a disk it practically freezes. The system still functions, and i can do anything else, but the disk drive becomes un-available and even refuses to eject the disk. Should i try to get the firmware for the DVD drive updated? or just try getting a different dvd drive, one that is fully supported? If I need a new DVD drive, anything i should look out for?
  5. OK, so with that last driver, the DVD drive is showing up in the System Profile, both under ATA and Disk Drive. Now initially i had the drive plugged into the "lower" or the one closer to the motherboard and the drive didn't show, but when i plugged it into the upper one it shows up. However, i've put in an audio disk several times and each time iTunes loads fine, it pulls the CD information. But as soon as i start to play a track it goes to 0:00 and holds there. the Drive light doesn't show any activity, but my hard drive light goes on solid. I also told it to not import the CD.
  6. To be honest, i've disabled the machine going to sleep to avoid dealing with that. I've got it set to go to screensaver after 15 minutes and monitors to shut off at the hour mark. From what I've read though you do need to patch it in the DSDT, I just haven't bothered going into it as it something that I don't need. Audio and Ethernet are fine using the kext's that Cassio linked earlier in this thread. For extracting and patching the DSDT i've done it all myself. I've used DSDTFixer from the Evo team. I use it to extract the DSDT and fix any errors, BUT I don't apply any patches using that program. Once the DSDT is extracted and fixed, I apply the DX58S0 patch compiled on this found here, and patch the DSDT using DSDT Editor. From there I just use multishit and kext helper b7 to set up the bootloader and kext files (if you check back to page 2 you can find the most recent WORKING order of things). Hope that helps! I'll probably write a guide about this once I get the last thing working.
  7. Well, rebooted several times with the new kext in there and it seems to be working fine. And when i run compatibility check with the program "System Info" the marvell driver shows a checkmark. But the DVD drive doesn't register, either in the system profile, or when a disk is inserted.
  8. If its 32, wont that cause issues with the stability of OS as i'm fairly sure that my install is 64bit. Also, i'm assuming that i just install these kext's like the other ones, install, touch the S/L/E using terminal and reboot?
  9. I guess this would be important information as well, I'm trying to use a LG HL-DT-ST GSA-H62N dvd drive plugged into the eSATA port (via a SATA to eSATA cable). I don't know if this changes anything. But the dvd drive is atleast recognized by the BIOS. Also i've been trying the VIA ATA kext, when i reboot i seem to be getting intermittent KP's. Trying a fresh install again using the method I used earlier in this thread.
  10. One last question and I should be completely set on this machine. I have a DVD drive that i would like to plug into the eSATA port on the back. Now the chipset is Marvell 88SE6121 Sata II controller (Dev ID - 6121). I did a search on the kext portion of this site and found several and was just wondering if you had any recommendations as to which one to use. *Update* in the bios the only 2 options are IDE and RAID, now the DVD drive is recognized in the bios properly, and the bios is set as IDE currently, let me know if this needs to change. Thanks in advanced!
  11. Ethernet seems to work fine on reboot, its just its initial initialization with the new driver apparently requires it to be re-plugged in.
  12. OK, so audio working fine, ethernet still no go. Patches I ended up using - DX58S0 DSDT patch using DSDT Editor after extracting the DSDT using DSDTFixer to remove a min/max/length error. - Did the following steps using multishit 4.1.0 - - System Utilities - - Drivers & Bootloaders - No audio or ethernet selected - IOAHCIBlock... & 3rd Party Esata - Evoreboot, FakeSMC, NullCPUPower, Chimera (bootloader) - After installing with multishit I applied the VoodooHDA and AppleIntel8256X Kext files from this thread using Kext Helper b7 - Removed AppleHDA from the S/L/E folder and also ran the shell commands from earlier in this thread for the ethernet - Finished up by going through the following how to install on raid 0 guide to make the machine HDD bootable. End result is me still scratching my head. I've run the System Info program from the Kext area here and for the ethernet controller its showing the above mentioned kext file as the one for the controller, but for what ever reason the control panel refuses to get a proper IP from DHCP, or even when i put in a static IP, nothing will contact the outside (safari, pinging something etc). Also to note is that when i go into the system panel > network, it shows ethernet as connected, but if i go to network diagnostic from safari it shows as ethernet not connected. Hope this helps Cassio, and I really appreciate your help with this so far. EDIT - On the other hand, unplugging and replugging in my network cable fixed it? Rather mystified on this one.
  13. I'm going to do a full re-install of Lion on the hackintosh using as few hacks as possible listed below... DX58S0 DSDT edit from this site along with the HDEF edit to remove the need for a HDAEnabler AppleIntel8256X.kext (from this thread) VoodHDA.kext (from this thread) multishit with no audio kext selection or ethernet selection, using UserDSDT, and also using Chimera 1.6.0 for a bootloader I'll let you know how it goes.
  14. in the org.chameleon.boot UseKernelCache = yes. And as far as I know I didn't set anything regarding mkext.
  15. Yep, its currently sitting on the desktop. I've also done a reboot just to be safe.
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