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  1. Dear Mald0n I am sorry, still no wake from sleep. Only black screen with backlight on. Give error message after reboot now Link to the new files: https://easyupload.io/gzoxc5 Thanks!!!
  2. Hi Mald0n, thanks for your speedy action! Thank you very much!! I switched to your efi folder, but I still have my issues. Now I get black screen after wake. No more reset, but black screen with blacklight on And the USB ports are wrong even with my usbkexts file. Port 5 is missing for the webcam. Please see the attached picture for 3 acpi errors while boot and my new files after a fresh install. RTC; ECO and ESDT Thanks alot!! Link to the new files IMG_0016.zip
  3. Hi! I need your help again, please. My Laptop is soooooo buggy - It's a HP 15-ay114ng USB Ports etc. are set and working It's works but except: Wake from sleep = reset Touchpad, the physical buttons don't work with actual PS2input (2.15), need to use the last Rehabman (1.92) ones. SendMe File I'll prefer the Opencore way, but Clover is fine too! Thanks in advance! I've donated already - In Message you'll find my username 16:42h done
  4. Thanks! That was fast Did you apply any patches? I ask, because I'll get the same errors as with mine... Thanks URBANsUNITED
  5. Hi! I am looking for a proper DSDT, please. My Mainbord: Gigabyte B85m-d3h AMD 270x 2GB Graphics card Intel HD 4400 activated Sound Realtek 892 8GB Ram I've hopefully attached all necessary files. Is there someone so kind to help me here? Many thanks in advance URBANsUNITED origin.zip Andi’s iMac.zip
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