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  1. Working EFI folder for GA-H97-D3H Just a side note to the people that might run into issues using v5.1 r5123 pre-released version: The installer doesn't contain the OpenRuntime.efi which is a crucial part of the Clover-Open Core integrated version which will be fixed in the next release. Use the latest OpenRuntime and put it inside Drivers/UEFI, the attached version is from OpenCore 0.6.2 and it is also included in my EFI folder. Cheers GA-H97-D3H-Haswell - Clover r.5123 .zip OpenRuntime.efi.zip
  2. As far as I know Intel HD 2500 isn't supported in macOS and macOS Catalina doesn't even support older Intel HD Graphics such as 3000 Series natively so I don't think you'll be able to get it to work. Mojave and Catalina need to run on GPUs that support Metal and older Intel HD Graphics lack that function. The reason that you can use the installer is because that it doesn't need Hardware Acceleration to load the installer but once the installation is done you'll need a fully functional GPU to be able to use macOS.
  3. Mac mini 2018 Hackintosh This guide will help you setup macOS Mojave on your Gigabyte BRIX GB-BSi3H/GB-BSi5H/GB-BSi7H series. The best macOS version that works flawlessly is macOS Mojave which you can get almost everything to work with not much effort. Main Specs: CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-6100U2.3GHz Memory: 2 x SO-DIMM DDR3L slots (DDR3 1.35V) 1600MHz Max. 16GB LAN: Gigabit LAN (Intel i219V) Wifi Card: Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 520 HDMI Resolution (Max.) 4096 x 2160 @ 24Hz Mini DP Resolut
  4. Hi guys how are you doing? Here's my GA-H97-D3H's EFI folder for USB installer for Big Sur if you are interested. Cheers Haswell OC 0.6.0 Big Sur USB Installer.zip
  5. Gatekeeper Toggler v3 is uploaded to the first post. Cheers
  6. Hi all, I uploaded a new version of Mac Optimizer for macOS Catalina. Cheers
  7. Thanks bro it works, just can't upload .png files 🙃
  8. @MaLd0n Hi man, how are you doing? Congrats on the new upgrade the forum looks way much better 👍 Is there any way for me to be able to update/edit my previous posts or topics? I wanted to update my first post and upload a new version of the Atheros Installer but I wasn't able to so it would be great if you can help me out on this. Thanks in advance.
  9. Sadly there is no log to check for the error you are getting. You're welcome but I don't know what do you mean exactly
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