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    Intel UHD 630, GTX 1050

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  1. I try install macOS 10.15.4 (Olarila Image) on MSI Modern 15 Intel i5-10210U but not boot. I Try config and config2 .... yes no lock not boot to install. Can someone help me? MSI Modern 15 - Intel i5-10210U - Intel UHD 620 - RAM 16 GB - SSD Samsung 970 Evo
  2. My Lenovo L340 Gaming i7 9750H and GTX 1050 My Hackintosh is reboot when deep sleep. Can anyone help me verify the accuracy of my DSDT. SSDT and EFI file? my Send-me_Hy-Hackintosh : https://filebin.net/wcqxf2tm694vmt6i
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