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  1. hi maldon planning to build this: H470M DS3H + core i7 10700K with no dedicated graphics for now I guess it works with uhd 630 intel iGpu... will buy a dedicated video card in the near future... can you check if these cards are supported on catalina or big sur? https://www.xstra.eu/product/4572/powercolor-radeon-rx-5500-xt-video-card.html https://es.aliexpress.com/item/4000346965600.html https://es.aliexpress.com/item/4000342504922.html https://es.aliexpress.com/item/4000305676826.html https://es.aliexpress.com/item/4000525951019.html h
  2. oh I see thank you I thougt there was native support for some AMD cards
  3. sure , that Will be my Next upgrade Now its working with a sata3 SSD and Internal graphics + 8gb RAM and i feel i dont need more power yet Cause..., 2 screens at 1080p and its capable to run multiple desktops where a dozen of browser tabs open... some with video playing Full HD while running traktor pro 3 and even playing a Game on Steam at full graphics with Minimum lag all at the same time So im very excited looking forward to get a new nvme SSD PCI and later the graphic card you re suggesting and of course full patching dsdt properly and get rid of whatever green and the other bonus
  4. ok tried with no whatevergreen >>>>> same RGB issue: pink screen BTW I noticed that I have this kexts in library/extensions and efi/clover/kexts/other there are duplicates should i delete duplicates? which folders should i use? thanks
  5. tried macmini 8,1 , and imac 17,1 ; 18,1 and 18,2 Added in 1 minute 47 seconds: will try tonight with those thanks ! edit: before trying i may say that before searching on everymac.com i see that imac pro 1,1 has skylake Xeon processors and imac 18,3 has kaby lake i5 and i7 and i may say no integrated graphics in those models , just dedicated radeon the only one with coffee lake cpu is macmini 8,1 intel uhd 630 is only on macmini 8,1 and imac 18,1 + 18,2 apple computers am I wrong?
  6. already done , i plugged hdmi and it works but still RGB problem should i try with imac 18,1 ; 18,2 or 18,3 ? macmini is not graphics upgradable neither ram i guess so i prefer to not use it cause i need at least 16 gb ram
  7. nice thanks 4 sharing is possible to do it copying the kext in s/l/e or l/e ......or is mandatory the folder Clover/Kexts/Other ?
  8. ok so i´m with 10.4.3 booted ok with clover from uefi disk got rid of graphic glitches and Resolution is ok 720 and 1080 with my 24 inches budget LG LED but now the colors on the screen are not OK , I mean er .... hahah it´s Pink!!!! LOL , it shows tinted : black is purple , white is green/yellow... weird. have ethernet but no sound via hdmi or motherboard but I´m using an external audio card , btw usbs seem to non work properly as i cannot read my trascend external hd 1TB with all my music edit : yes its readable but system shows it as internal disk ) see
  9. hi Mald0n i had problems when i boot the system the graphics glitch a lot and i cannot see what im doing because all the windows and items in screen keep flashing HARD so i am not able to run the runmeapp _how can i boot without the glitches to do it? anyway i can access the disk from another hackintosh and try to change what is wrong ,... i think something like framebuffer and graphic kext for coffe lake is missing . all my kexts are in S/L/E another thing is i dont know exactly which boot flags i need and screen sometimes go black , sometimes it does not load int
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