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    intel quad core 6600
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    gigabyte gax48 dq6
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    ati 5770
  1. Hi everyone:-) I am old Hackintosh boy but i assembled last one on Asus P5B in 2008 i think or 2009..doesn't matter....it was not easy at this time:-) but lot of guys from different forums helped me to do it....and i work with it till yesterday...and he was gone ....RIP:-)) Now i have Retail Snow Leopard and Gigabyte mobo GAX38 DQ6 and ati 5770 graphic card...RME Hamerfall HDSP 9652 audio card I try o install it with Empire EFI bootloader but graphic is not working ( i have only 1024x576) resolution and quite wrong recomended hardware ( Intel Xeon instead of Intel Quad core etc etc...)
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