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  1. Yep. I like the idea of having eveything working from the DSDT.
  2. What I've ended up doing on OpenCore, is making sure the DSDT I'm running on, is fully renamed. Then, I put SATA and IGPU in a Kaby and SATA, IGPU, and HDEF in a Coffee, in as a patch, but I set it to rename just the table SSDT's. Rename only seems to work on generated tables in OC. This seems to be the best I can make these two machines run on OpenCore, but they're running spot on! I know the OC manual states against renames but I didn't put OSX on a Pee Cee to run windoze myself
  3. I've now tried OC with just the SSDT's and also with just MaLd0n's orig DSDT's that he made for both my Z370 and H270. Everything works better with MaLd0n's DSDT's. I've been running a bunch of hacks for 10 years, and they've ALL been with the help of MaLd0n's amazing grasp of all things ACPI. Many thanks to MaLd0n! Hope you're well, and much appreciated
  4. I have but it's not an obvious fix. Tried Hex swapping it...etc..
  5. How do I get my i7 8700k showing up as a Xeon in OpenCore? On Clover, it was 0x0A05 in CPU type but I can't seem to get this to change from i7 8700k in OpenCore.
  6. I've just tried a bunch of stuff out in OC and MaLd0n's standard (non SSDT's added) DSDT seems to also boot great with no rename patches whatsoever. I've got two machines now running as good or possibly better than they were on Clover :)
  7. Remove the Custom folder for your DSDT as it should not be there. Just put the DSDT straight into the ACPI folder. You may need to add some renames in ACPI/Patch. Also, remove any kexts that you don't need or are not using.
  8. OpenCore working really great here on both the H270 and Z370. I'm still using the full patch DSDT's on both, along with Drop OEM in the ACPI/Block section. I also compiled my USB Map SSDT into the end of the Full Patch DSDT. This works great and is super clean and simple! I went back to just having the Apple HDMI as Device HDAU in DSDT and have the RX560 and RX580 in Device Properties instead. This speeds up the GPU showing up in System Information when running Catalina. There was a slight lag before. Sleep/Wake/Autosleep, etc, all work great on both machines. On the Z
  9. Thanks man. I'm currently on HFS+ on both 10.14 puters. Any developments on trim for APFS? I've killed a few SSD's over the years running 10.8.5 without trim and now know to use it whenever possible Added in 34 minutes 44 seconds: Loving the DSDT stuff you did on my P55's by the way! The Master has given them a new lease of life
  10. So you need to be formatted to APFS to be able to update each 10.14 version?
  11. I've found internal gfx sleep works really well on Coffee Lake but not so good on Kaby Lake (until now) Ruby script may be helping here?
  12. Attached is the Ruby Force RGB script which may help anyone using Radeon RX5** gfx cards on certain monitors. There is a "Read Me" enclosed that explains what to do. This fixes shocking pink picture when using DVI connection (after 10.13.6 update) and also sharpens up the picture and colour balance when using HDMI connection. Enjoy! Ruby Force RGB Patch.zip
  13. WhateverGreen 1.2.0 is pretty good with intel gfx combined with Lilu 1.2.5 and appleALC 1.3.0. Had a play around on the Kaby Lake, just for fun. HDMI audio working and even managed to wake it from sleep 8 out of 10 times. That's the first time I've seen a Kaby Lake wake from sleep on internal gfx
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