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  1. I checked and found it was set to compatibility mode, changed to enhanced ahci and worked perfect! Thanks for the help, but I feel pretty silly that I didn't even think to check that. Refer madness
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to install 10.6.3 on an ASUS 1215n Netbook that currently has a HD with Windows 7 installed. I downloaded the .raw image for USB from the links on piratebay...Was able to get boot the installer USB via Chameleon by booting with GraphicsEnabler=no. My question is why don't I see my HD as an option whenever I open disk utility, only the Installer USB? Is that because this is not formatted as MAC OS Extended? Would I need to format this before trying to install, or at the very least, partition off something? Any direction someone could provide would be greatly appreci
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