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  1. for me Recovery boot with base kext ,strange
  2. thank work fine except Fn+S and Fn+B.is backlight control ,I want it on F11, F12 possible ?
  3. same error with flag, it looks like missing driver error in my folder i have these IMG_0069.JPG.zip Drivers.zip
  4. hi all, my BS dp2 is ok boot for BS but no boot on Recovery " OCB: LoadImage failed - unsupported how solve this ?
  5. hi MaLd0n , replaced folder EFI and send you my new request.i hope are correct no for compile https://we.tl/t-qK4FMjSoPs
  6. you can correct the problem ? many ACPI renames,I don't know how https://we.tl/t-TeJ76rSfoK thanks
  7. hi MaLd0n, my new Big Sur DP2 please check and compile my dsdt thanks https://we.tl/t-TeJ76rSfoK
  8. okay done, thank usb 16 gb not enough balenaEtcher does not write
  9. no download ,media fire link ?
  10. on IO80211 family kext/contents/plugin/airport 4360kext is missing on bigsur i edit kext on info.plist,insert string <string>pci14e4,43a0</string>. but no wifi and no trackpad how solve ? thanks Archivio.zip
  11. audio ok, video ok , no wifi !!!! dw 1560 (upd last airportBrcmFix) suggestions for me
  12. installed and work on my Dell XPS 9360 now insert kext for wifi, audio and video Archivio.zip
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