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  1. windows does not start from opencore menu with DSDT in acpi tables, it only starts with bootkey f12 or this app.
  2. If they are in my old equipment, recently I have bought new equipment with the characteristics of this post, except for the refrigeration that I put a different one ,the other team broke the bios every so often. .
  3. Hello I have posted my "runme" in the other part of the forum or I put this here too, I have mapped the ports with the guide here, I have generic ssdt dortania https://drive.google.com/file/d/18A5VPhumADmbYCQlYQA8mHufsfiCu216/view?usp=sharing thanx!!!
  4. hi i made this build https://www.olarila.com/topic/9506-olarila-hackbeast-z490-vision-d-thunderbolt-full-dsdt-patches-clover-or-opencore-imac-20-hackintosh-guide-and-discussion/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/18A5VPhumADmbYCQlYQA8mHufsfiCu216/view?usp=sharing thanx
  5. Hello, I updated from catalina to bigsur with opencore without problems, I had from time to time reboots when hackintosh was not doing anything, I reinstalled bigsur from 0, and it restarted when I was not working with hackintosh, in economizer settings I had it configured so that the screen would not turn off and the disks would not be put to sleep, I continued to suffer reboots, I decided to install catalina on another disk and try, start catalina with the same EFI as olarila, the same thing happened to me and I suffered reboots, any suggestions? I have the z97x ud3h board with in i7 at 3.40
  6. Hi I have a question about the smbios, I also have radeon 580 if I use smbios imacpro 1,1, bluetooth pci does not work for me, if I put smbios 14,2 if bluetooth pci works natively, am I missing any kext? Thank you
  7. Thanks for your dsdt, but I have changed from clover to opencore, would your dsdt work for me? or do you have to compile it again with the new opencore? thanx I resend you the new sendme with opencore as bootloader https://drive.google.com/file/d/145tWiLdEQo-rRT2NUoidnRfllDHlGxM4/view?usp=sharing
  8. THANK YOU I send you the new sendme https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ed02GW0Dy5RU6S8n-Lwba_jEj0UWu6Ga/view?usp=sharing
  9. Hello I have many problems with usb, I even bought usb 3.0 pci and I still have problems, I have made a donation of 5 $ is it enough? Thank you https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WjbNDmpj8s9-Kzk_50rA_JjQRit0QwWC/view?usp=sharing
  10. Hello again, I have done the following, I have created a clean clover usb, I have put the necessary kext without dsdt and without confif.plis, I started the system with hdmi image, then I have put my dsdt and my config.plist, Now I have USB 3.0, the problem is for some kext I had and did not use, I have already solved thank you very much.
  11. Hello, I'm doing tests I installed a clean clover in a usb, first I put the kext of the clover of Olarila, started with image but without usb 3.0, then I put my dsdt and my ssdt and I do not have usb 3.0, then finally I put my old config.plist and in the finder does not recognize the usb 3.0, but in system information if it recognizes it, I have this flag uia_exclude = HS04; HS11; HS13; HS14; USR1; USR2; SSP4, with this flag and the patches of usb 3.0 if you had usb 3.0 any suggestions? Thank you.
  12. Hello I have incorcoporado to my hackintosh the gpu shapphire press rx 580 8g, after the first apple logo I have black screen, but the system starts because I have sound, but the screen is still black, I have lilu and whastevergren in clover kext other, instead if i use the clover usb of installation of Olarila mojave if i have image with rx 580 through hmdi, but i have lost my usb 3.0 some solution? I tried to exchange kext, I tried to put my config.plist in clover Olarila and if there is an image, but no usb works, I have tried many things and I have no result, any suggestions? Thank yo
  13. using clover get the same result, the laptop restarts any other ideas? thanks
  14. Hola recientemente he instalado mavericks en mi laptop,solo inicia si utilizo cpus=1 ,pero inicia con un solo core, tambien tengo instalado Lion y con el mismo problema pero lo he solucionado instalando voodootscsync.kext He probado lapix fix patcher 0.7 obteniendo el mismo resultado alguna idea?? gracias un saludo, ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi I recently installed on my laptop mavericks, only starts if I use cpus = 1, but starts with a single core, also I have installed Lion and the same problem but I solved installing vo
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