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  1. Hi again Matpratik, and thanks for quick reply! If I try to boot from iAtkos DVD and HDD with 10.6.3 installed (Macompaq), the screen goes black, then returns to the Compaq Boot screen. It is in a loop, and after 10-20 secs, it returns to the Chameleon boot screen! So because I can't actually boot into 10.6.3, I can't get into the /Extras folder to remove the files you suggested. Also I can't load Chimera 1.11 if I can't get into 10.6.3. I've tried a clean install too, but the same thing happens. Perhaps the iAtkos DVD is faulty? Any more thoughts? Thanks Rob PS What t
  2. Hi Matpratik, I have just followed your guide to install iAtkos -S3 -V2 on my HP Compaq Presario C700. Your guide is clear and accurate. Thank you. After successful installation (big green tick!), the Chameleon boot screen appears, the timeout passes, and then the computer returns to the BIOS boot screen. The process then repeats endlessly. Tracking through the boot process with -x -v, on the 17th page scroll, the display ends with stuff like: ACPI table not found:DSDT.aml No DSDT found, using 0 as uid value Using PCI-Root-UID value = 0 Intel GMAX3100 [8086:2a02} :: PciRoot
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