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  1. i need a Fullinstaller for Big Sur DP8. Where is it for download please ? i need for create a new bootable USB Stick for orig. unsupportet iMac.
  2. i will testing this in next time. Thank you.
  3. 7708000 is we befor wih another numbers. csr-active-config status = enabled ! work not. is not disabled. need we you say recover Mode for deactivated.
  4. My Friend @MaLd0n can you say me musst remove this: # after install now in my System, is as install from USB to SSD ok. Do you have an idea how to get more access rights in Big Sur? which value is best in csr-active-config ? 7709000 or 77080000 or other? And are there more options when you log in as root? Bild111.zip
  5. Does the recovery mode already work in the Big Sur Beta2 ? I have the Recovery option in the OC but click on only a black picture appears on it, then the OC boot menu comes back. I wanted to Run csrutil authenticated-root disable for more access to Big Sur. Thank you for help.
  6. Yes you have right. i wating exact 5 Minutes Install continue. Great Help Tipp from you. Big Thanks my best Friend @MaLd0n Install work perfect to End an my Beta2 Big Sur run wunderfull.
  7. Thanks for the hint .. and how long about? I've always waited about 2 minutes so far, it didn't go there. Do you know the mistake? had you seen it before?
  8. I have an error installing the USB stick with olarilla Big Sur Build from here, i will install on a 150 GB APFS partition of an internal SSD. Everything OC is up to date. In the picture it stops with RecoveryOS Time Out etc. Does anyone have any idea how to solve the problem to get to the actual installer? Is it perhaps related to the fact that I have connected two other SSDs (one for Windows and one as a data grab)? I don't really think so? 20200711_031308-x.png.zip
  9. I have used your prefabricated EFI for OC 0.6.0 and Big Sur starts it perfectly. Thanks for that. Only I have a problem that the hackintosh now runs as iMac Pro 1.1 in your config.plist. I would like it to run as iMac 19.2 as my Catalina OS has all been running. If I change the SMBIOS to iMac 19.2, it no longer boots. There is no white font at all with -v. Can you please help me to solve the problem? thank you
  10. Have you a idea for a nForce MCP79 Chipset with nVidia 9100M Grafik ? which SmBios.plist could you use? It is a laptop of Medion Akoya P8610. Thanks for tips. and which macOS could you use? There is a T9100 Intel Duo2Core processor in it which can SSE 4.2. and have 8 GB DDR3 RAM inside.
  11. Must not have APFS work with HFS+ and new NOW can install 10.14.1 and .2 beta with HFS+ Partition. Here is a wonderfull Tool from gengik84 (User in insanelymac forum) the MacOS_Updater. See Attachment MacOS_Updater-master.zip
  12. i work with dosdude1 Mojave Patcher for not supportet Mac (work to Hackintosh!). i have testet with another as iMac10,1 (is for my old iMac10,1) as selectet Devices in Mojave Patcher with iMac12,2 and after Restart works Installation to End and ist ok the 10.14.2 Beta installet.
  13. I can not install the 10.14.1 on my iMac 10.1 (not supported by Apple). At the first reboot (before I read the dosdude1 Mojave Patcher as usual for the other betas before the final of 10.14 Mojave) the white loading bar runs through to the end, then it stops and it does not move on. Has anyone here on an unsupported Mac (iMac 10,1) already tried to install Dev. Beta 10.14.1? Where is the bug that it does not end up installed? thanks for help tips.
  14. Where does this "Previous System" folder come from in Mojave Beta 11 (or GM) is 5.8 GB in size. Is it safe to delete this folder or not? Thanks for info.
  15. big thanks for you good work. works great only i must change Hdef - _DSM from 0x01 to 0x07 for Sound.
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