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  1. I succeded to install using a premade olarila EFI Folder for Catalina, most of all components are working, but I got another issue, I installed and configured OpenCore on the NVMe EFI, I made everything from the SSDT to IGPU Framebuffer and so on, but booting with OpenCore I get IGPU issue (attached photo), I'm using the latest Lilu and the latest WhateverGreen. After doing this 100 times screen goes black with backlight on and nothing happen. Also if I boot with Clover from the USB I think the display is not recognized correctly (I suppose I need to explicit a framebuffer) and my resolut
  2. Uhm strange, clover is last version, kext all downloaded fresh from github repo, so last version
  3. Hi to all, as I mentioned into the title I'm back into this scene after almost 5 year after the buy of a real macbook pro, now I decided to sell it and return into this scene, I premise that I'm not a big noob but I'm not very familiar with the recent chenges like opencore and so on.. I recently got this Laptop/Tablet under my hands, it is an HP Pro x2 612 G2 very uncommon in this scene, spec wise is very similar to the Macbook10,1 with i5-7Y54 and HD615. So I made an USB Installer for Catalina and sure that I will work I put it into the laptop, with suprise I got almost instantaneou
  4. NEW UPDATE: Now I'm on ML 10.8.1 and it's all ok, but i want update to 10.8.2, but every time I update and after reboot the hackintosh won't start it stuck on macx_swapon.
  5. No, Italian However I solved the DSDT problem it was related on Fusion Drive, now I've updated ML to 10.8.2 and I stuck on com_lnx2mac_RealtekRTL81xx address ecc... I can only boot in safe mode. Any Suggestions? Edit: it stucks on macx_swapon succes ATHR: unknown locale: 809c
  6. No nothing, i ve a geforce 9600 gt that worked with i3 2100
  7. With the i5 3570 I can't boot (DSDT=NO -v) it stuck at WARNING: IOPlatformPluginUtil : getCPUIDInfo: this is an unknown CPU model 0x3a [AGPM] unknown platform com_lnx2mac_RealtekRTL81xx; Ethernet address 14:da:e9:4e:2e:a5 Otherwise If i boot with -v -x DSDT=no it gives me IOstoragefamily.kext coreStorage kp
  8. Is normal that gave me iostoragefamily.kext and corestorage kernel panic with i5 3570?? P.S: If i do the new DSDT with i3 2100 is the same thing? And I've compiled the DSDT and gave me 1 error it say "_HID suffix must be all hex digits (GH), and I have Name (_HID, "ABCDEFGH")
  9. Hello Olarila users can you help me with my serius problem?... I've got an ASUS P8H61 rev3.0 and I recently bought an i5 3570 to replace my i3 2100 before install my new cpu the hackintosh worked pretty well but when I updated my bios (4013 patched) with i5 3570 the hackintosh won't start and i'm forced to use my old i3 2100 to start the system and extract my new dsdt. When I extracted the dsdt and used the P8H61.txt in the forum, it gives me 143 errors, how can i solve it?? Thanksss P.S: Sorry for my english. In the attachment there is my DSDT extracted withot patch. DSDT.rar
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