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  1. I actually I followed but as per guide ACPI TPD0 should have IOInterruptSpecifiers entries but I got missing IOInterruptSpecifiers entries also i am getting IOInterruptSpecifiers entries in GPI0 which is 0e.
  2. I am able to see Touchpad on System Preferences but my cursor not moving at all also comm key is now link with windows key instead of alt key. Kindly use following DSDT https://easyupload.io/wabm9o DSDT.aml.zip
  3. Here is my Current EFI and my raw ssdt and dsdt are attached below. and i am having ELAN 1203 (INT3450)
  4. This is the only option i am having if i disable then touchpad got disable completly.
  5. Hey @onemanosx and @MaLd0n looking for Help regarding my ELAN 1203 (INT3450) i have followed the installation guide but i got missing IOInterruptSpecifiers entries on ACPI ID TPD0 and but i am getting IOInterruptSpecifiers entries in GPI0 which is 0e. My System Config Asus Tuf Gaming F15 intel Core i7 10870H 8 core 16 Threats 16 GB DDR4 2933 ELAN 1203 (INT3450) NVDIA 1660TI 6GB Here are my files i am using lated VoodooI2C kext. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1F1NfXpPB38vG34lWLcZjn0E3-eSkvyyM?usp=sharing
  6. Try using SSDT way here are the example of making SSDT-dGPU-Off using -wegnoegpu will disable dGPU but not powe consumtion will be there
  7. On my HP, Result is quit similar if possible turn OFF dGPU completely if possible do it from Bios. From SSDT some how it consumes power. Brightness levels are same with both OS ? If brightness levels are comparable then need to fix you Intel Brightness
  8. Thanks @MaLd0n but one strange thing was happen my Graphics accerlation is started working fine even in X4 only in Catalina don't know why it wont works under Mojave 😆
  9. Cool one Silly question if the iGPU is enable then why its not showing in Graphics/Display even i have seen it in several build such as.
  10. Actually My CPU Cooler is quite big so i have insert the card on diffrent port i will put on x16 slot and let you know but after putting in to x16 do i need to add any Boot argument or ImacPro1,1 will be fine ?
  11. Please find below link for DUMP Also tried shikigva=128 or 144 but still same VideoProc application too slow with this
  12. If i dont inject intelhd properties then also i am unable to render see this plist config.zip
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