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    i9 9900K
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    Gigabyte z390 Designare F8
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    Saphire Nitro+ VEGA 64

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  1. [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], thanks for the info.. I think nobody got the Designare working with 0.5x open core working .. there are a lot nvram problems. so u don't plan to update it? maybe you are the one guy that can pull that trick
  2. does the opencore config works? I am unable to boot because of memory problems (sure it is about the missing nvram on z390)
  3. I could not boot with the runme efi folder. so I used the designare folder from ur forum. I hope this will still works. designare z390 F8 bios Send me emily.fritz.box.zip
  4. so here my request. just installed ur EFI partition for my chipset(from ur thread) and did the runme Mobo: Gigabyte z390 Designare Bios F6 CPU: i9 9900K GPU: sapphire Nitro+ 580 I will upgrade the gpu to a vega64 soon and overclock the CPU, is this relevant for the DSDT? Send me vanessa.fritz.box.zip
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