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  1. Thank you very much! With this motherboard, all run fine, appstore , icloud, imessage, sound, video etc
  2. Today I changed my motherboard and nou I have a GIGABYTE H61MA-D3V If is possible, I need a dsdt with apple hda inside Send me .zip
  3. How can I us enative speedstep on intel ivy bridge(inte core i5 3570k) and inteñ hd4000?when I try to delete de nullcpupowermanagement, I can't boot anymore...
  4. on the hd4000 i don't know how to inject in the dsdt, I put the efi string on boot plist chamaleon, if you have a forum post for this, I would be happy, I'm sorry ..., ok I will change to imac 13.1 or macmini 6.1, now. Ok, I will try it. Thank you for your help , you are amazing
  5. Thanks, one more question. This is a patch that I need to apply on a dsdt? Thanks
  6. Hello , I have an ASUS P8H61-M2, but doesn't exist any patch for this, is possible to inject into the dsdt , the intel hd4000? I need if is possible, to inject the intel hd4000, because when I try to update to a beta or the drivers, appleintelsnb and intelframebuffer, have a conflict and the pc doesn't work anymore. And if is possible, inject the ethernet string, because now I can't login on App Store, if I use efi for graphics on chameleon Sorry for the annoyances Thanks Send me .zip
  7. I receive a kernel panic, APPleIntelCPUpowermanagement
  8. Hello, My name is Francesco, today I try to install osx mountain Lion but I need the dsdt for my asus P8H61-M2, I don't find any on the forum, for this version. Thank you very much Send me Mac Pro de Francesco.zip
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