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  1. Hey man, I have new infos.. cause my sleep doesnt work, no matter what I change, I now looking for the backlight slider If GPU in BIos is on static, only intel or nvidia gpu is working ( led is lighting ), so no backlight change is working nether in Windows 7. I see the HUD animation in Windows but no backlight change. So my theory is, that this feature is only possibly with auto/dynamic option in Bios. also I tried following dsdt changes: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/239463-dsdt-for-sony-vaio-vpcz13/ <-- look inside the dsdt. he had add nvidia 330m devices and hd
  2. thx for your experience, all your stuff ist working also on my sony z11, but sleep doesnt.. I think that this is not mac osx related. maybe there is somethink wrong with my bios settings. on some gigabyte board, I had same malfunctions, so I must reset the bios, but on my sony I dont know how. yesterday I tried many different settings, but if I goes sleep, only display get sleep, and after keyboard push, sometimes display wake up, sometime doesnt. no real sleep, no pulsating led. in console I see some logs sleep related, I can post later can u write down your bios settings? or make p
  3. ok, i tried the AppleACPIPlatform version 1.6 and 1.5 but no sleep which FakeSMC do u using? Which edits do u make in my dsdt? Can u upload all nessesary kexts I using latest version of voodoops2controller.kext and see that if I use F2 and F3 buttons there is some error logs in console, so I think the GPU is not working corrent with all output possibilities and only 1600x900 resolution works correct. Some people with Thinkpads have fixed this feature, so maybe it's the same procedure. SpeedStep works correct but sometimes the GPU clocks to high and stay high and if I use Ge
  4. @Machne: I dont know how u get sleep working with your 10.8.2 installation. can you explane which files u have modified.. I tried your dsdt, but the same result -> after wakeup I get a restart actually I use the VoodooBattery 1.3.6 + AppleACPIPlatform kext.. Do you also have an unlocked bios menu for your z11 ? need your configuration btw here my send me folder: Send me carina vaiobook 2.zip
  5. After I posted my success with sleep it doesnt work anymore.. I dont know what I have done, but I figured out it has something relate to AppleACPIPlatorm & AppleSmartBatteryManager kext With some custom AppleACPIPlatform no sleep, only display goes off, but after keyboard touch I'm back.. with other ACPiPlatform it goes sleep, with blinking led, no fan, all off and after wake up, it resets I tried various patches for my dsdt, but no success.. please help me figured it out here is my actually dsdt VAIO.aml.zip Send me carina vaiobook 2.zip
  6. thanks, but no progress. no brightness control no fn keys but sleep ist working after I restore the AppleACPIPlatform from 10.8.1 !!! after wakeup the speedstepping has an error, so the multiplicator is on max = 21, should be 9 on idle also i tried now the hdmi output and it's not working. I changes the onboard video switcher to static, so only the geforce gpu is detected your dsdt has no warnings, how do u do this? do u need the console log? or something else?
  7. [email protected] I get a new notebook (sony vaio z11 c5e) for my girlfriend and try to install mountain lion 10.8.2 I have an unlocked bios, so I can boot with ahci controller mode without "waiting for root" error. I use latest cloverEFI as bootloader use the macbookpro6,2 as smbios no other injections or autopatchs following staff is working: -nvidia 330m gpu with graphicsenabler = yes with qe/ci and full resolution -battery with voodoobattery and custom appleacpiplatform kext -touchpad with voodoops2controller -audio with voodoohda -ethernet with intel1000e kext -bluet
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