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  1. When I've decided trying install ML on my Vaio, I began with multishit 5.2.1, checked UserDSDT, Network->Intel(AppleIntelE1000e) and Sound->ALC889 (with DSDT) patches under Drivers. So if description is right this program installed Chimera, FakeSMC and patches to AppleRTC (by default), IONetworkingFamily for Intel Ethernet and AppleHDA for ALC889. My changes to your DSDT are necessary because of my patched AppleHDA (so changed HDEF block) and different IRQs in my HPET block (don't know why it doesn't want to use IRQ 0). Also I've noticed different hex values in OperationRegion blocks with SystemMemory at the beginning of DSDT and changed yours to that of my original one, don't know definitely does it matter. I refused to use VoodooBattery because as I've mentioned earlier AppleAHCIPlatform 1.3.6 that comes with it causes wrong sleep behaviour (same as yours: system sleeps but reboots when trying to wake, either from power button or from keyboard). So, my last state is: I've changed 16bit EC registers to 8bit pairs as described here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/272459-appleacpibatterymanagerapplesmartbatterymanager-for-lion/#entry1772114 and installed AppleSmartBatteryManager from there. My latest DSDT is in Extra.zip attachment here. I've tried to make my DSDT adapted to your system so if you want to use it don't try to install my AppleHDA, leave yours. DSDT_Z11_C5E.zip Extensions.zip Extra.zip
  2. Mirone, thank you very much, but sadly no luck: neither screen brightness slider in System Preferences->Displays or from keyboard (Fn+F5,Fn+F6) nor battery detection. And if I understand it right you've made some changes to HPET so USB not working with your DSDT. Sleep and sound still work correctly. I attach "Send me" in case of any changes with another (yours) DSDT if it may help you. Thank you in any case. UPDATE: Battery works with AppleACPIPlatform.kext 1.3.6 but sleep doesn't work with this kext. So currently either battery indicator or correct sleep. Maybe I need to change 16bit registers to 8bit pairs as described here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/272459-appleacpibatterymanagerapplesmartbatterymanager-for-lion/#entry1772114 USB works but only when boot with -f flag, kext cache rebuild and reboot without this flag doesn't work. USB error: "1/2/13 3:17:16.000 PM kernel[0]: USBF: 0.222 AppleUSBEHCI[0xffffff800aabf000]: unable to get filterInterruptEventSource" Send me 2.zip
  3. @cyonix: I had the same problem with sleep as yours and suspect it's somehow related to the VoodooBattery + AppleACPIPlatform 1.3.6. As soon as I've removed VoodooBattery and tried vanilla AppleACPIPlatform from 10.8.1 (also I have FakeSMC.kext without any kexts in Contents->Plugins) I lost battery indicator but got correct sleep behaviour with your patched DSDT. I recommend you to begin with patched DSDT that Mirone made especially for you because changes I've made to it are only for my USB and sound so you may lose yours if you decide to begin with my variant. And, yes, I also have a patched BIOS with static VGA switching policy and controller in RAID mode. I've tried AHCI but got completely unbootable system that hangs at VAIO screen and can't get even to BIOS, I had to disassemble the notebook and temporarily switch off SSD cable to get RAID mode back. So I have no changes to BIOS except for VGA switching policy (of course trigger above the keyboard is set to SPEED and not STAMINA). UPDATE: AppleACPIPlatform.kext 1.3.6 helps with battery indicator but sleep doesn't work with this kext. So currently either battery indicator or correct sleep.
  4. Good day! Please help me with two problems if you may. The first problem: I can't adjust screen brightness. Not only with Fn+F5 and Fn+F6, there is also no slider in System Preferences->Displays. The second question is related to the battery. I have tried AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext from RehubMan https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-ACPI-Battery-Driver with no success, maybe I have wrong DSDT methods that return battery status. It seems that another kext (VoodooBattery 1.3.6) works, but only in pair with special AppleACPIPlatform.kext, and sadly that package leads to some problems with system (slow boot in particular). I have found this thread: http://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=2795 and my original DSDT turned to be very close to that of cyonix. I have also successfully tried the DSDT in that thread modified by Mirone. I had to apply some changes to this patched DSDT: slightly different IRQNoFlags in HPET (to make USB work) and changed HDEF (to work with AppleHDA.kext patched for ALC889). Sleep mode works normally, thanks to Mirone. DSDT.aml.zip Send me .zip DSDT_orig.aml.zip
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