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  1. u need remove dsdt, reboot and extract send_me or extract tables with f4 key Hi @MaLd0n, thanks for the replay, I extract the tables with F4 key here's the F4 extracted file : https://we.tl/t-2zL7nD13CD Very grateful for all the help. Thank you!! ( Dont know if this is still needed, this is the old sendme booted with old dsdt: https://we.tl/t-ULKsJgn6DD. )
  2. Hi, I'm wondering if I have to get the DSDT re-patched since I updated my Bios Version a week ago. I updated the Bios from f8 to 10c (Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite) The system is still bootable but feels like it's slower than before. I extracted the file with run me and here's the sendme file https://we.tl/t-ULKsJgn6DD Thank you so much for everything and all the help.
  3. Hi, I got my DSDT patched by @MaLd0n a while back and thanks a lot! Recently I was trying to fix a weird USB problem and one step I took was to update my BIOS from f8 to 10c. (Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite) after the update it still boot fine but I find it become slower, the whole experience of using it...become slower I'm wondering if I have to repatch my DSDT? is there anything I should do after one update the BIOS? Thanks
  4. I'm having this slow boot problem for a while, other than this, everything is running smoothly. It took 40 seconds from the clover menu to the desktop. I'd checked my boot log from the terminal by this command 'bdmesg' and notice there's a thing that spent "18s" but I just can't figure it out what it is. Could someone help me identify the problem? Please let me know if I need to provide some other information~ Thanks here's the boot log in the attachment boot.log
  5. Hi!! Here's the DSDT created by the Runme app Would you please help me refine it ? Thanks!! Send me Timothys-iMac.zip
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