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  1. Which Clover folder, please?
  2. Thanks a lot. I will install your files tomorrow and let you know how they work.
  3. Asus Send me 1234s-iMac.zip
  4. I tried to send you the other two RunMe output files but a message on the screen tells me that a post on the same topic has already been sent and the new one is refused by the system. Added in 2 minutes 1 second: MSI send_me.zip
  5. Will these files work with my three different brand X99 motherboards? Thanks
  6. Did you get this one? Send me 1234s-iMac-6.zip
  7. I ran Run Me on the Gigabyte Motherboard but I must say that I am not sure I did it the right way. Where can I find the output that I should send you? Thanks
  8. Thanks for your reply. I will do what you are asking for a little later.
  9. Does this mean that I cannot use your installer? I am currently running High Sierra on my three X99 mobos: Asus X99-AII + Xeon E5 2609 V3 ES QEYV 2.0GHz , Gigabyte X99-SLI + Xeon 1.7GHZ, MSI X99-SlI Plus with i7-5820K
  10. Hi I need help selecting the right chipset folder for my X99 motherboards. Thanks
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