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  1. I updated both whatevergreen and lilu kests to the latest version and I am still getting a black screen right after the verbose screen. I did not see any mention of a specific flag for my gpu on the whatevergreen site. Any suggestion?
  2. I am not using a weg kext version. I only have some specific boot arguments. Where can you find the necessary kexts? Thanks Added in 3 minutes 58 seconds: Sorry! I did not understand "weg" at first. Yes, I am using whatevergreen.
  3. I am trying to replace my Nvidia cards installed on my two X99 builds with Radeon graphic cards. After installing the cards, I can boot, enter my password but after the verbose display both computers display a black screen. The graphic card does not seem to receive the proper command from the config.plist, Can anybody help me? Thanks
  4. Sorry. I hope I did better this time. Thanks
  5. 1C6A2783.JPG 1C6A2794.JPG 1C6A2809.JPG 1C6A2814.JPG 1C6A2815.JPG 1C6A2817.JPG 1C6A2820.JPG 1C6A2822.JPG 1C6A2833.JPG 1C6A2849.JPG 1C6A2859.JPG 1C6A2865.JPG 1C6A2878.JPG/img] Here are screenshots of the verbose screen showing the problem. Thanks
  6. Sorry. I'll call a friend who owns professional cameras. He should do better than I did. Then I will send you a better quality video. Thanks for your time
  7. Here is the video I shot. Not great quality but I hope you can watch it. ThanksMVI_1.mp4
  8. Hi I prepared a USB installer following the guide found on this site. I replaced the original Clover folder with the X99 Clover folder. I was able to boot this computer and install: Asus X99-AII Intel Xeon E5 2609 V3 ES QEYV 2.0GHz 22nm 15MB 85W 6Core6Threads LGA2011-3 CPU with no problem whatsoever. Everything is working great without any config.plist modification. I then used the same USB installer on this other computer: Gigabyte X99 SLI 8-Core Intel Xeon E5 CPU E5-2609 v4. I thought the installation would be as easy since I am using the same type of mobo, the same CPU family (Xeon). Un
  9. [Guide] Sierra / HighSierra / Mojave on Serie 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 / DSDT
  10. You have to follow all the steps described in the Mojave installation video, including installing Clover on your usb drive. Then you copy my EFI folder and paste it in the EFI folder of your usb drive that is mounted after installing Clover. A message will ask you if you want to keep both EFI or replace the original one with the one you are pasting; choose replace. When installing on your computer select boot from USB at the Clover boot window. You may get a few "Could not allocate runtime area" but keep trying and it will eventually boot. It is working fine here. I just tested it again befo
  11. I compressed my EFI folder but the file is still too big to be uploaded on this site:19.4MB. Do you have any idea how I could send it to you?
  12. Axe I have the exact same configuration as you have MSI X99 SLI Plus and i7 5820K and I was eventually able to install Mojave 10.14.1 using the tools downloaded from this site (after days of frustration and help from MaLdOn). I don't know if I am allowed to upload my EFI folder here: you might want to give it a try.
  13. Hi Sorry for the delay. I spent hours trying to install Mojave on my MSI X99 based Hackintosh. I believe that the results will surprise you as much as they surprised me. Selecting the Olarila USB installation in the bios as the first booting device always ended up on "Couldn't allocate runtime area" no matter what I tried. Then I chose a random working Mojave hard drive as the first booting device in the bios, but at he Clover boot window, I selected the Olarila usb installer. And it worked. I was able to complete the installation on a first hard drive. To make sure I was not dreaming I repe
  14. Hi 4G is not enabled in the bios. I will continue running tests and keep you informed. Thanks
  15. Hi Thanks for your reply. I removed all the SSDT from the ACPI folder, but the result is the same. Thanks for the link you sent me, but I am afraid this stuff is beyond my competence.
  16. Hi Using an EFI folder from another user with the same MSI motherboard but different CPU, I was able to avoid the "Could not allocate runtime area". The booting process hangs for a long time on "Timeout" but it eventually gets to the white Apple logo with the empty progress bar which does not start moving at all even after waiting for hours. I modified the EFI folder by selecting my CPU fakeSMC from the scroll down list: "Haswell E", I then placed your DSDT in the patched folder. But I wonder what I should do with all the SSDT patches found in the patched folder; are they CPU dependant? The
  17. Thanks. I will test other drivers. After making the change suggested in the link you sent me, I get another error: "Could not get SMCprovider".
  18. AptioMemoryFix-64.efi should or should not be present in the UEFI drivers folder?
  19. Hi AS easy and trouble free was my Mojave installation on the Asus mobo, as difficult the installation on my MSI mobo is. I must say that I have always had some kind of problems with this computer: MSI-X99-SLI-Plus + i7-5820K. Booting has never been an automatic thing. For that reason, I am trying to do a clean install with my USB drive created with Olarila software; unfortunately, I cannot boot from the usb installation drive. Booting always hangs on "could not runtime area". I tried plugging the usb drive in usb 2,0 and usb 3.0 ports with the same problem. I am wondering if it could be a b
  20. My explanation was not clear, I am afraid. That is exactly what I intend to do: use the MSI DSDT with the MSI motherboard. Thanks again
  21. HI Wow! Yesterday I did a clean Mojave 10.14.1 on my computer with the Asus X99 mobo. I followed your instructions given in the video. I used the X99 Clover folder found in the "Files download" of this site, copied the DSDT you sent me in the appropriate folder and everything is working great. I still cannot believe how easy it was. Even booting from the USB stick was super fast and with not problems at all. I had no idea installing OS X on a Hackintosh could be so easy. Now I suppose that I can use the same SSD on which I installed Mojave and just replace the ASUS dsdt by the MSI one an
  22. Hi I installed your files on the Gigabyte motherboard. I used your Clover folder to which I added the kexts you sent me; I also placed the DSDT in the Patched folder. Everything is working fine except the front 3.0 port that "sees" the external SSD as a usb 2.0 device working at 480 MBP/s. And, of course, the Nvidia drivers of my video card are not there. I guess I will have to wait until Nvidia offers these drivers to users. Next, I will update my two other motherboards with the files you kindly sent me. Thanks again for your incredibly fast and competent help and congratulations for a wonde
  23. Which Clover folder, please?
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