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  1. Hi Thanks for your reply. Here is the build: GIGABYTE GA-H87M-D3H LGA 1150 + Intel i3-4330 3,5 GHz , Realtek® GbE LAN chip (10/100/1000 Mbit)
  2. Hi Of course, you are right. I tried using the usb 2 ports on the front panel but I did not think about using one on the back. Your solution worked right away. I wonder if you may ask a question not related to this topic. I have another build of which the ethernet port does not work in OS X but works all right under Windows X. Under OS X, I get a "cable not connected" message. Thanks again
  3. I am trying to install Catalina 10.15.1 on Intel Xeon E5 2609 V3 ES QEYV 2.0GHz 6Core +Asus X99-AII +GT710 but I cannot boot with the usb. Booting ends up on the infamous prohibited sign. I am using fake cpuid Haswell E (according to Intel specs). I also tried booting with the other various versions of Haswell fake cpuid but with no luck. I also tried using the DSDT created for my other two X99 builds but I still could not boot. I should mention that I am using the X99 Clover folder. Any suggestion? Thanksusbhangs.pdf When using a back usb 2 port I get this error message? apfsmod
  4. Hi This looks a bit scary but I sure will give it a try. I will let you know how I did. Thanks again
  5. Hi I removed usbinjectall but then several usb ports were not working. Any other suggestion? Thanks
  6. Thanks again for your time. I was able to install on my two X99 builds using FakeCPUID 0x0306F2 Haswell-E. However, on both computers I am having problems with usb ports. Whenever I plug a usb accessory, I get a message telling me that the usb accessory needs power. Therefore I cannot use any usb accessory. Besides, on one of the computers, plugging a usb 2 keyboard and mouse in a usb 3 port prevents booting. I thought the DSDT would set all the usb ports right. What should I do to get my usb ports working the way they should? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi Do you mean selecting another fakecpuid from the roll down list in CloverConfigurator or adding a .kext in the kext folder of my EFI? Thanks
  8. HI 1 Something very weird happened. As you suggested, I added a fakecpuid kext and I used the same DSDT to install Mac OS 10,15.1 on a second X 99 build. I was able to boot from the usb installer and I could complete the installation. Then I installed Clover, replaced the EFI with the X99, repaired permissions and rebooted. But the computer does not boot. Instead it hangs as shown on the screenshot attached. Besides, I cannot boot from the USB installer which I previously used to install Catalina on the same computer. What did I do wrong? I attached my EFI folder. Thanks2019-11-20 21.49.07
  9. I tried installing Catalina on my second X99 build using the same usb installer and DSDT but the second build does not boot. Please, see screenshot2019-11-20 21.49.07.pdf Thanks again
  10. origin.zipI found the culprit: a keyboard extension cable that was probably too small in diameter. I am joining an "Origin" folder in order to get the appropriate DSDT. Thanks again
  11. Hi After rebooting my computer I realized that the keyboard and mouse are not working at the Clover booting window. If I quickly unplug and replug the keyboard, then it works but the wireless mouse does not work. When Catalina is launched I have to unplug the wireless keyboard receiver and replug it in order to make it work, What should I do? Thanks
  12. Hi. Magic! The installation was very smooth. And everything is working. I think I did not read enough information posted on your site. Or I would have understood that Catalina is not like High Sierra and the previous systems. I cannot manage to install it by my own means. I need your help. I can assure you that I will ask for help when I build my next computer. You cannot imagine how many hours I wasted. It won't happen again. Believe me. Your site is the best. The installation is the easiest and the fastest I have ever seen. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for your reply. However I don't quite understand how I should go about Extracting Tables. I suppose I boot the computer with the usb installer but when exactly should I press F4? Will any clue be visible on the screen after pressing F4? Thanks
  14. I prepared an Olarila usb installer following the directions on this site. But when I try to install Catalina on my X99 board, I get stuck on « pci configuration begin » and reboot. Then I prepared another usb installer using « Create media installer » and I replaced the original EFI with the X99 EFI from Olarila. With this usb installer I can boot the installer and the installation even starts normally until I get an error about two minutes before completion of the installation first step. Data validation problem. What is my option?
  15. It's booting fine with the X99 EFI but I have no ethernet connection. The current SMBIOS is MacPro 6.1; should I keep it or change it to an older Mac model?
  16. It's a Radeon Sapphire 7850 that I pulled from a working X99 computer running Catalina 10.15.0 I will try using the x99 folder.
  17. Hi I replaced the video card with another one and I was able to complete the installation. However when I attempted to boot from the newly installed drive the boot stalled at the same place as previously and it ended up rebooting. Then I booted with -x and it booted right away. What should I understand and what should I do next? Thanks
  18. Do you mean a graphics card problem? Where should I look for a solution? In the configuration? Thanks
  19. Hi. I had no trouble booting from the USB installation drive and I could perform the first two steps of Catalina 10.15.0 on my X79 build. For a reason that I cannot identify I am unable to get to the final step when you create your Apple account and you install Clover. I updated to the latest Lilu and weg kexts. I get stuck on this window (screenshots attached) I should add that the screen flashes for a split second before hanging on the attached window screenshot. 2019-11-01 01.26.59.jpg.pdf
  20. Hi I would like to get a DSDT for this computer: Asus X99, 16 gigs ram, Xeon Cpu Thanks Send me 1234s-iMac-6.zip
  21. HI I need a DSDT for my Hackintosh. I attached the sendme fle. Thanks Send me Mac-Pro-de-Laurier.zip
  22. 4G was not enabled when I tried to install. I did not need to disable it.
  23. I deleted aptiomemoryfix and I get the same error. Added in 32 minutes 46 seconds: I also tried using the x99 Clover folder on my usb installer but I ended up with the same error.
  24. Thanks MaLdOn Should I just add it to the uefi drivers or should I delete something that is already in that folder? Thanks again
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