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  1. Hello with the help of SAVAGEAUS from insanelymac he managed to make me a config.plist which starts Clover 5125 for my 200 series, you have to use the Preboot Data partition for BIG beta 10 to start Thanks for your time and help too MaLd0n config.plist.zip
  2. unfortunately no it does not work always the same screen at startup I asked the question on insanelymac in the clover general discussion forum I will see if someone has managed to start on kaby lake
  3. yes no doubt but what change have we made in the clover so that it no longer works? the Quirks parameters published previously for opencore no longer work, the author opencore and clover will have to update the guides because the settings are different for each generation of processors
  4. I cannot upload video due to the limit of Max total size 2.93MB but it displays the same as in this image IMG_0204.jpeg.zip config.plist.zip
  5. KABY LAKE it doesn't work, too bad , opencore works I will see later for clovers it's been 20 times that I try Thanks for your help
  6. I tested your EFI 200 series it is always the same it does not start my Z270 GAMING K3 it displays the same start screen that I posted in my previous post, does it work with you others?
  7. I saw on several forums that several people had problems with clover 5125 with the 300 series it seems to work, but with the 200 series and others it no longer works after clover 5123, I do not understand why it works with version 5123 and that it does not work with clover 5124 or 5125 can you make an EFI folder for serie 200 with clover 5125? thank you I attach an image of the boot screen with clover 5125 IMG_0204.jpeg.zip config.plist.zip
  8. I checked with sanity checker with opencore it works, I put the same parameter in clovers Quirks with clover 5123 works perfect but clover 5124 and 5125 it no longer works blocked at startup, or black screen and nothing then
  9. hello to configure Quirks by chipset we can be based on these references opencore https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/prerequisites.htmlput me either after clover 5123 it does not work I do not know what change they made but broke something or there is an undocumented option that must be activated for the boot to do correctly
  10. the EFI 300 folder worked on Z270 GAMING K3,Macos Big Sur beta 8 , I put my dsdt.aml, used the latest version of Clover Configurator to change the smbios for Imac 18.3 and put the usb patches everything works very well
  11. hello MaLd0n quick question you gave me a dsdt for my gigabyte z270 gaming k3 is it necessary to add in addition the SSDs SSDT-EC-USBX.aml AND SSDT-PLUG.aml? under BIG SUR when the computer goes to sleep when I wake it up the processor starts up and crashes the system it looks like the processor management is bad thank you DSDT.aml
  12. hello Maldon you made me a dsdt.aml for opencore, but it doesn't work anymore, it blocks when you start it if you can do it again. thank you so much Send me iMac-de-admin.zip
  13. Hola, he intenta remendar intelcpu la versi贸n m谩s reciente de la mountaine le贸n pach DP4 se dice que la versi贸n del kext es desconocido o parcheado ya hay una versi贸n compatible de DP4 AICPMPatch mountaine le贸n?
  14. ok voc锚 respondeu a minha pergunta tem n茫o 茅 f谩cil com Tradu莽茫o de Google )
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