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    1. What is the name of this app (check attached file)and where can I download it? Best regards. AZP0AlV.zip
    2. Hi [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], I think I made a mistake when extracting the DSDT table. I extracted it without the Optimus option checked in the BIOS. I have made another extract, this time the Optimus option was checked in the BIOS and in Clover shows the two graphics adapters. I am attaching the hopefully correct DSDT table this time. DSDT.aml.zip
    3. Hi [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], Updating to the last Clover version did not help. I was able to make it boot with a different config.plist and DSDT. I have extracted original DSDT. Please check the current EFI for the USB installer. Chipset: Sandy Bridge CPU: Mobile DualCore Intel Core i5-2540M, 3100 MHz RAM: 16GB DDR3 Video: Optimus - Intel HD3000, NVIDIA NVS 4200M (512 MB) Best regards. EFI.zip
    4. Tried external monitor on the HDMI - still stuck on the same place. Does it try to use the Intel HD or NVIDIA graphics? Can we use Intel HD only?
    5. Hi [ref]MaLd0n[/ref], Just started a new project - trying to install High Sierra on DELL Latitude E6420. Here are the specs: Chipset: Sandy Bridge CPU: Mobile DualCore Intel Core i5-2540M, 3100 MHz RAM: 16GB DDR3 Video: Intel HD3000, NVIDIA NVS 4200M (512 MB) After creating the Olarila High Sierra USB installer and trying to boot with config2.plist (as per the guide for notebooks) i get a kernel panic. See the screenshots. What can be the problem? Can you please help. Djuby Screenshots.zip
    6. OK. You said that in my DSDT USB looks native. How do I get rid of the usbinjectall? Just disable it in the config.plist? Edit: I just tried with USB2 stick and it works on all USB ports without any issues. Just the USB3 stick causes the issue. I hope that helps to narrow what the problem is.
    7. Then why do I get the error "USB Accessory Needs Power. Connect 'DataTraveler 3.0' to a USB port on this Mac" when I try to use the flash drive in any USB port?
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