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  1. built new system with i5 6600k, z170 mobo, ddr4, gtx 970.. i know its new release, but is the project have been started? any success?
  2. Sorry for Double Post.. but want to inform... now.. Graphics, Audio, Lan,Usb working now power managment left... so, here is my boot image. shows that msgs
  3. sorry for disturb, where is key in info.plist, there are tick options where to change?? edit. i installed Vodoo 2.73
  4. hiiii sir, audio is working clearly, just one thing noticed that, when i try to decrease the volume from keyboard, its just decrease the progree bar, but in reality sound not decrease.. is that normal??
  5. sorry bro, dont angree with me i m noob, i know i m so much disturb u ur guide is best, thats why i m here... ok, i m reading ur guide again Edit. Sir Graphics are working now.. and i need to download those kext in which (system info) showing ":D" sign or tick sign?? Sir, I have VIA VT1708S 8 channel HD audio Codec hardware on mobo, which kext will use for that???
  6. sir, download option is not avalable on that website http://Olarila.com/kexts/ please tell me how to download kext
  7. thanks for reply sir, m on downloading process of kext, but there is download function not working http://Olarila.com/kexts/ device ids and vendor ids are given in pic, can u give me for download which i need? i know i m giving head ache u, but m not smart like u..
  8. ok, thanks very much, glad to have help from u, ok, so now, what i have done, fake smc, nullcpu......, lan, installed, i will post a photo, a minute sir.. m also downlaoding kext related hardware, so i'll install it.. edit. for now, hardware checker showing that.. pic in attacthment.. boot pic will send after some time..
  9. sorry for irritating sir, but m not intelligent like u so, i installed fake smc and null... but still apple cpu power management (time out) showing.. so what need to do? Edit. can i use multishit for some drivers??
  10. hiiii, prefectly mac os x installed successfully, thanks... so here is i m on nxt process.. So Mac installed.. nxt is Fake smc and null power managment?? can i use kext installar software to install these kext?? Edit. or can i install lan drivers first, because its make difficult to take guide from u, because i always need to change and boot from windows, so makes deifficult... can i?
  11. i tried to boot with 1, chamilon mode, with GraphicsEnabler=No , or yes, or -x too, in GraphicsEnabler=No just a white screen with cursor and in another both, just blank screen, what to do now??
  12. sir, i tried to press 1 before boot, after boot, before after selecting uifi mode,etc nothing happens..
  13. i didnt understood, i tried to press 1 nothing happens.. and the link is for download chamelion, if i cant able to boot mac, so how can i install chamelon, can i do one thing?? that i install ur previous version 10.8 then update to 10.8.5 is that will fine??
  14. Sir, that is Clover default, how to set manual command?? i mean there is no option to write -x or Graph........o so how to set manually??
  15. hii, really thanx for answer, i know i m disturbing u, but i m noob, and u r expert. so thats why i have questions so, i was just boot it, and a white backgroud with mouse appear, and waiting nothing happening...? how to boot propertly??
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