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  1. Thanx artur-pt it worked very well, i didn't had any gfx card to check dsdt that time so i had to wait till now when i got a 8400 Gs, now this time dsdt file worked flawlessly and my Sl 10.6.8 is working very well
  2. Many thanx for all help and suggestion. I will try again within 3-4 days and then rply here
  3. well sorry for that and see i have done updating my signature..do it will work ??
  4. i tried to download & install kexts based upon my system's config through osx86.net but they never worked.. i installed them using both kext helper and manuall way but they didnt get installed anyhow
  5. My system config in speccy screenshot and .dsl file is attached in this zip file and thanx in advance DSL file and system config.zip
  6. I tried 3 times but it says "The extension dsl is not allowed."
  7. Hi all I want to install mac on my system but its motherboard patch is not available in motherboard patches list so could you please help me in creating its patch for DSDT file Proccy:- Intel G620 MBD:- ECS H61H2-M2
  8. Hi all Please create a patch for H61H2-M2 motherboard, its not available in database of DSDT i will be very thankful to u
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