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  1. I want to put pin configuration inside dsdt to avoid putting it in kext or a plst. The layout Id should pair to the kext and load pin configuration data to know how to interface with card...
  2. I am using the entry for 12. (that is default) I am confused on how to get the other info. I know it involves the hardware device and vender but you have to manipulate those somehow to get the codec-Id and such.... How do I put in my pin configuration data into dsdt (to have least data in hacked kext) as i dont know format it has to be an can't find a reliable dsdt example with this data in it.
  3. I want to get my audio working for alc275 on my laptop. I want to avoid using a modified kext (for stability with updates and such). I have done the following: Extracted my codec verbs and obtained by pin configuration data. I also have my dsdt and common edits but am having confusion with HDEF section i have to edit. Where do i obtain the following info: codec-id (it is based off of data taken form hardware vender and device id from windows device manager menu and rearranged into hex) layout-id (it is always 12 in hex as that is defined in apple's audio kext) device-type
  4. Thx ill try it. Thx for the reply. I will try the netkas method and post how it goes.
  5. I am booting from retail dvd. I only used the Distro as a test to see if it was stock lion or not enough kexts loaded for support. So I think it's something with lion directly. I just want support for the retail dvd as both versions show same info when booted...
  6. I am stuck at this line in trying to boot from the DVD to install lion 10.7.2. I cnanot get past [PCI Configuration Begin] line or section in the boot process. I have teied numerous boot flags, npci=0x2000 (thats the one for lion) and even PCI=off. When i use "-v -x pci=off" (when booting iAtkos or swapping retail dvd using hackBoot) i get the same result and it hangs around [PCI Configuration begin]. I get one line after that though if i include PCI=off and that is "console 1024 x 768 @ 0xe1000000" and then it hangs there. I wish i could see a debug log of some sort to see what it is do
  7. No responses? No help? I'm still stuck at pci configuration begin.... I did get another line past it using the boot flag pci=off and get the line "console 1024 x 768 @ 0xe1000000" but it still hangs after that which makes me believe its still same problem that is hanging me at pci configuration begin before...
  8. I have tried this to enable keyboard and mouse, but trackpad doesnt seem to work. I installed kexts to s/l/e and then booted to sl disc (lion now refused to let my trackpad work even though keyboard works when disc boots to installer) and repaired permissions using disc utility. I used these kexts: http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=1448 Why would my trackpad now not work with lion dvd when it did previously ? I used "-v -x busratio=4 cpus=8" to boot. I am getting quite frustrated with lion and it not recognizing my keyboard and trackpad....
  9. Trackpad should be standard ps/2 device. it should have ps/2 support (as it is used and installed on older macbooks). I did not supply a dsdt on the dvd. i also have to reinstall chameleon 2r5 to get dsdt support back. Well i found the chameleon installer for mac. Now i need to get it to boot to desktop. How would i install the ps/2 support files or kexts from terminal of the boot disc? I can read/write to hfs+ from windows if i need to copy and files to the mac partition first. What kext should i install as well for ps/2 support. I dont wnat to just assume one is alright for lion and
  10. was a glitch and it finished the install. my trackpad did not respond during install procedure when it froze. i pressed a button on the keyboard and it "woke up" and showed the true status. i had to use hackBoot to boot to the partition after it installed (im assuming chameleon was deleted) and i had to connect a usb keyboard to enter setup. After i could not press continue (even after tabbing to it and it was selected) and my trackpad wouldn't work. i assume this is a ps/2 or usb problem as laptops use ps/2 to connect keyboard and trackpad. also, rmeoving the usb keyboard i plugged in caused
  11. Well my install seems frozen... No graphical animation on status bar, no mouse and it says 17 min remaining. I see slight hard drive activity but no disc drive reads.
  12. Hmm I guess f5 was necessary... It booted to the install program. What does f5 do anyways....
  13. I tried hackboot, but it complained about missing kernel (when i selected swapped in lion dvd) and hfs signatures and came to a "press any key to continue option" then if i pressed a key it went to boot options menu. How would i replace that specified kext? Repack iso and reburn?
  14. I get stuck at the pci configuration section. I have used the npci=0x2000 parameter but it still sticks. Why would this be? What would I have to do to get it to get past this?
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