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  1. in advance thanks for answering Mald0n, I've tried it using the default EFI of usb stick highsierra olarila but still no change is there any other solution, do i need to edit "config.plist" until it works
  2. Good evening, asking, so this is the chronology I have successfully installed High Sierra and I have already copied and pasted the EFI folder from the USB installer, after that I overwritten it again using a special EFI LGA 775 from Olarila, after that I was able to restart without the USB installer and LAN, HDMI, audio all running normally, then I want to upgrade to Catalina using the patcher from dosdude and using the Catalina file downloaded from olarila to make it bootable, after the patcher process is complete then restart. in clover, I chose to go into the bootable patcher that was made,
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