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  1. Hello , i have this problem that is no sound , there are no jack panels options in sound preferences , although when i used my old usb logitech , it shows up , I tried VoodooHDA , AppleHDA and nothing . EDIT : Fixed by the awesome staff of Olarila [ iHackintosh , Artur , Cassio , OldNapalm ] Greetings, Extopia
  2. Whats a SMbios ? and whats device id? and how can i change them as u mentioned , i have no knowledge in these stuff
  3. Hello , whenever i go to youtube to watch a video , the video keeps flashing and cant load , i knew it was the graphics card , but i have 1360x768 resolution which is my resolution , so it is activated ,Any help ? Edit:Also , when i play games , it is very laggy , when i had windows 7 , i never had lag , fps lag Some games dont even load just stays with blackscreen , but there is sound and if i houver my mouse i can hear the selection noises , it is the graphics card Greetings, Extopia
  4. Extopia

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    I wasnt talking about Snow stuff , i talked about lion disc not working , and mentioned that it may be from the upgrade from 10.6 to 10.6.8 Greetings, Extopia
  5. Extopia

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    When i upgraded my SnowLeopard from 10.6 to 10.6.8 , the Cds/Dvds dont work , i tried several dvds and nothing apear on the desktop , and the airport is always off and cant be turned on
  6. Extopia

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    Hello guys , when ever i put my lion DvD image , it doesnt show up on the desktop , and when i go to disk utility , i see the disk name , Lightgray/Lightblack named , which means no working , i tried verifying and it says [Your disk seems to be ok] Please help :/ Please make the help simple since i have poor/no Experience or knowledge in Hackintosh. EDIT:this started happening after I updated my Osx from 10.6 to 10.6.8 , it doesnt show CDs and airport Is always off and can't be on , any help ..? Greetings, Extopia
  7. Oh okay , sorry if i annoyed u :/ Greetings, Extopia
  8. Dont worry anymore , i have fixed it , Gotta love how HD and Bright my screen is (: Thanks for ur reply Greetings, Extopia
  9. I have a desktop Processor : GA-EP41-UD3L GraphicsCard:Nvidia 9500GT Currently on snow 10.6 [Not 10.6.8] And what do u mean by hardware? Greetings, Extopia
  10. Hello , have a problem , my graphics are 1024x768 with no options in display , i have tried nvenabler.kext and adding Graphics Mode to org.chameleon.boot.plist and it changed from 1024x768 to 1280x1024 with no options on display again i want to have 1360x768 or 1366x768 , please help me with non-complicated stuff , cuz i have limited knowledge and i am new. Greetings, Extopia
  11. I dont find it simple :/ could u please make a vid on how to , i have 0 knowledge in hackintosh Greetings, Extopia
  12. I have put the Kext using Kext Wizard and the problem is fixed thank u 2 problem left to EDIT : Turns out that the updating and sound is fixed , now to installing lion, which i dont know how , cuz i didnt understand a thing out of the tut u and iHackntosh made Greetings, Extopia
  13. This could work? and i just follow the steps and i get lion? Greetings, Extopia
  14. 1st its not a panic error , its an apple error , I can provide pictures if asked My specs are : GraphicsCard:9500GT Ram:4GB[Going for an upgrade soon] Processor:GA-EP41-UD3L SystemType:32Bit Thx for ur Audio Problem help , it made my usb headset work but my normal paneled headset didnt work , i have 2 panel jacks in the front and 6 in the back , the front ones dont work , and i have try to put the plug in every single Panel jack and still didnt work This is the error without Verbose : http://lh.rs/RsruDuduqAkq With Verbose : http://lh.rs/PTo0B2DwbJUf
  15. Hello , I have installed A hackintosh today [snowLeopard] , and i have some problems First problem : I have doing everything this says and my hackintosh worked fine http://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=135 , after I shutdown and open , it loads up and makes me choose my Hard Disk , then i loads up a bit and then crashes with an error saying :[Hold down your shutdown key until the hardware is off] . Second Problem : I have no sound , i tried some kexts and drivers and i still have no sound , i tried unplugging and plugging my headset through out all my Sou
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