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  1. hello, can you tell me how to fix the sleep on the computer, the situation is this: the computer goes to sleep normally, the fans turn off, and for some reason the power to usb is turned off. To break up a computer using a keyboard or a mouse is not possible. You can only use the power button. But if you press the power button, the computer starts to turn on and after 5-7 seconds it turns off and then turns on again and so on ad infinitum. Please tell me - is this how you can fix it?
  2. Hello, could you please help me with my dsdt? mb: machinist x79 DSDT.aml.zip
  3. No matter how hard I tried, I still could not fix the APIC for my dsdt, and left opencore in the past. With the patch "Patch APIC" the system boots, but now I have another problem - I canโ€™t do speedstep through ssdtPRGen. Processor performance does not rise above 3.1Ghz (although it is 4.4 in turbo boost) In opencore (why I tried to make it work) everything works there and has excellent CPU performance (but pcie devices do not work properly) (benchmark test) And through clover I get a very slow cpu Could this be due to the fact that the first processor in the list is C000
  4. Please tell me why errors occur? if you open your dsdt what you threw off in the first answer to the post (I know how to fix them, but how did you compile it?)
  5. I seem to have found how to fix this. Please tell me which version of the program did you compile aml?
  6. can you give more details? can there be a link to some material?
  7. yes it helped thanks. And do not tell me how to do the same in OpenCore?
  8. could you help me with the clover? it freezes even before the system starts efi - https://filebin.net/m5jshr904q7u7kdv
  9. now getting panic: x86_validate_topology() 16 threads but 33 registered from ... https://filebin.net/yyvcwfdlc3xagj6o
  10. Please help me get rid of my DSDT. It can be removed with clover (although I am using opencore to boot) Initially, I received "Kernel panic cpu 15 has no HPET assigned to it", I edited the DSDT lines associated with the processor, also through maciasl I patched some patches related to renaming the device. My system has stopped Kernel panic. But now the process hangs at [PCI configuration begin] I am using a Radeon RX 580 video card. If you disable the internal network card in the BIOS settings (it is Realtek RTL8111F) and change the video card to one that is not supported by the s
  11. do not tell me, but how to do it in opencore?
  12. Good afternoon, I faced the same problem panic cpu 0: x86_validate_topology() 16 threads but 17 registered from MADT....... could you please help me with my DSDT? (acpi - clover F4) motherboard asus p9x79le, cpu xeon e5 1680v2 origin.zip
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