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  1. Hello Master !! I'm sorry to bother you again! I've been trying to install for about two weeks and I can't. It gives me the following errors. I've been using a gigabyte ga-q67m-d2h-b3 intel core i7 / 2700 cpu 3.50Hz motherboard since 2012 with mountain lion and protools hd accel cards and it has been perfect for me until almost a month ago the boot disk told me bye, bye. Already posts I have decided to upgrade to sierra. OK, no problem with creating usb and installing sierra, but when I want to do opencore fine tune ... OC Vanilla gives me a writing error ... But it creates the folder for
  2. I'm on legacy bios. No problem for boot from usb and install Sierra, but just want to know when I can boot from Sierra hard disk installed. Once I install clover i copy efi to it and try to reboot from disk? Or I have to do all the fine tune?? ? Thanks a lot!!!
  3. Hi Master!!! I am trying to install sierra on my gigabyte gigabyte ga-q67m-d2h-b3 motherboard and I have the doubt, when do I have to boot from the hard disk? Once clover is installed? Or do I continue with the steps of DSDT patches and others ??? Thanks a lot!!!
  4. Hi, are there any High Sierra raw for Legacy Bios ?? I have done the one I have found but my pc does not recognize usb I deduce that because it is in uefi mode
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