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  1. I tried the Provider EFI Golfer. BIG SUR Starts, but Instantly gering an error Message from Mac OS m. Sth. About Battery. But it ist a Notebook so idk cannot Start Send me behause the System crashes After a Minute Dammit that Auto correction With some trial and error here is the SendMe: https://www.mediafire.com/file/e4gi2jhgtrualn4/Send_me_Marios-iMac.zip/file
  2. Hey Guys, i got the Vision D, too. Got Big Sur Installed but wifi and Thunderbolt Crashes from time to time. Most Problems with wifi. As im a newbie with Hackintosh, ist would be Really nice if Anybidy could share a stable EFI Folder. thanks! My Hardware: i9-11900k z590 Vision D 64 GB Corsair RGB Pro 3600 1TB Samsung 980 Pro RX6800 Founders Edition https://www.mediafire.com/file/clmtb2bjn53latk/Send_mezip.zip/file there are me SendMe files
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