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  1. Worked without TBH3 Working now on display freeze on RX570 it seems happening when system use HW acceleration Here is my actual EFI EFI.zip Here is a kernel log about GPU Resetting Kernel_2021-05-07-092316_iMac-de-Thierry.gpuRestart.zip
  2. Did not make the trick... Still searching for a patch, I found today that thunderbolt causes crash. Disabling TB in bios works for sleep/wake correctly.
  3. Finally got graphics working by removing agdpmod=pikera from boot-args Last point is sleep, when computer enter sleeps, when wake on, reboot to bios. Any idea ? Thanks
  4. Thanx for your fast reply ! I think I'm near the end, just have to re-enable the RX570 (driver don't load), any idea ?
  5. here is the new dumped files: https://www.visioco.ch/files/Send-me-iMac-de-Thierry-v2.zip Thanks for your help! Just sent a PM Thierry
  6. Partially working with i9 10850K, RX570 and Samsung NVMe and Big Sur. Need help to get all USB ports working, could not achieve it, neither Thunderbolt. Can you check my config please ? https://www.visioco.ch/files/Send_me_imac-de-thierry.home.zip Thanks a lot for your guides ! Thierry
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