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  1. i think i should change my gtx 1650 to 1060 , i installed the webdriver works fine both studio and app , but nothing improvement in memory , still 8 mb ,
  2. gtx 1650 never will be support for mac ?
  3. just install cataline , and BE HAPPY HAPPY
  4. if you give some suggestion about it , will be very glad
  5. my building gpu works great cataline https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LGdhbhsJUgrCyZ2hi6UtGY1AIj6v1e4R/view?usp=sharing but why building gpu not works in high sierra . may be i am missing some step >
  6. i have seen 1060 works , but 1650 patch may be still not released
  7. finally success to install olaria high sierra on comet lake 10700 the installation process is so smooth and fast https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QC3yWQi_32dZrwiag_8Vjp0mz7viyLrl/view?usp=sharing but failed to install gpu , i think i have to learn gtx 16 series / gtx 1650 nvm fix
  8. may be :::: it using usb 3.0 technology but my laptop have usb 2.0 , it does not works , it does not works at high sierra 2.0 port
  9. is there any wifi driver for Realtek 802.11g
  10. yes it is much more faster then windows 10
  11. everything working fine after update clover from olaria files ,, i am using internet wlan using wifi cant use direct internet anyway thanks again to you , i will make donation for it when i get money , i am really much happy , that this old 18 dollar laptop now i can start work with brew and get back bash , i dont like zsh has lot security , many respect to you and many thanks to you ,
  12. nothing is impossible in this world , i spend yesterday hole night into the nvram patching . so thanks again for this awesome dmg , success screenshot https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ON3CFsUOacM7kRuTBqSYanFc_hgc4p-K/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OKvW3BYBBDQPQ3wONYJun7ImB5UcLztu/view?usp=sharing i will sleep now
  13. so the problem in gpu is that right >? win10 latest build works fine
  14. thank you , but i am already using opencore cataline ,
  15. my hardware is hp6730b CPU Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 / 2.4 GHz Number of Cores Dual-Core Chipset Type Mobile Intel GE45 Express Interface Serial ATA-300 Graphics Processor Intel GMA 4500MHD Memory Allocation Technology Dynamic Video Memory Technology 5.0 Audio Codec AD1981HD i have to boot without audio because may be olaria audio not match i dont need
  16. now it stuck at installing 15 miniutes remaining , log where stuck macbook osinstaller 557: packagekit : packages=( and stuck 15 minitute remaining the installation process , 1 hours already still not going front , really need help
  17. how i can download it ? is this high sierra will works in 10700 comet lake processor ?
  18. hp6730b Fixed by block vudo trackpad . you are awesome
  19. here is screenshot i have passed this screen by pressing enter , keyboard works perfect but cant pass the after screen continue button take a look at deep . see mouce upon continue button there press enter key not works mouse cursor works but mouse left right button not works i am using voodo ps2 mouse system kext , is the problem here ? also when i connect usb mouse , usb mouse not works at all is there a way to pass it without mouse , keyboard key
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