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  1. Hey. I managed to install by using your EFI folder. Screen was pinkish colour but I fixed it by forcing rgb. Only problem is installing xcode. It stucks saying installing. I tried other apps, they install just fine. (I also changed ROM by assigning my ethernet's mac address to it) Edit: MacOS installer asks for internet connection. For future reference, typing "ifconfig en0 media 1000baseT" to Terminal before installing macOS, enables the ethernet. I hope this helps someone.
  2. Hey. I couldnt install the hackintosh. Screen goes black with no signal after selecting macOS install from usb on boot (screen goes black after verbose) I edited EFI folder before install. is this the problem?. Should make the changes on efi folder after install or before? EDIT; I fixed it but now bigsur installer reboots when saying 10min remaining, what to do?
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