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  1. ok thanks the hackintosh boot with no message osx not supported , but now after that it was rebooting after trying initialise igpu i think because after all load of text of verbose mod , there is some artifact who was poping in screen , and it reboot. i precise i was trying to boot with usb key with your efi files but i select booting on opencore selection my last installation of macos with efi inside ( configurate with dgpu amd rx 580). maybe the problem was that ?? i wanna go to try reinstall full system with your efi. Many thanks for your reply
  2. hello i have a serious probleme i want to use your config files i have myself mypatch dsdt , that's works with amd rx 580 , but now i want to use only igpu for display with no dgpu. i try many configs with different platform id for igpu ( opencore official guide) and smbios imac20.2 but if i rest with your smbios the screeen is black ( bios config igpu enabled 64m igpu monitor enabled ) and if i try to change to smbios imac 20.2 opencore say "this version of macos x is not supported with this plateform" how to fix it plz? cordially
  3. Thanks for your help that's my files i upload we transfer link for dsdt patchs https://we.tl/t-I9f6gAQuKX asus z490proart creator 10g Rx580 i9-10900k Very big thanks
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