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  1. so worked all fine but I get no infos about cpu load infos in intel gadget and in system process monitor only see the gpu load what's is wrong and the sd card is no worked
  2. only is no worked the sd card on my s340 I see and cdmi need put out and insert then see dual screen this is only the buggy on s340 then is worked all fine is it normal can see no the intel gadgets cpu infos see only - no data greets
  3. now I reboot the s340l 4 x and see the touchpad worked now thanks but only is connect the HDMI cable and boot see only 1 screen then I cable out and on then worked thanks lots is send to you dollars
  4. hi you have fixed the touchpad I have this same problem with my s340
  5. good morning greats from Germany coffee time now. I have put efi+iosreg full and sendme files in yip greats max Ebert https://easyupload.io/86hsww I have work noe with gimp I feel the gpu acceleration is very slow moves picture is slow
  6. I hope I have correct work I have ssdt deleted from acpi put ddsdt in acpi same I doing in oc configurator and save the config and create zip file and send here no the reboot the notebook correct? https://easyupload.io/ssoqn8
  7. hi thanks for fast support the notebook boot now very faster but trackpad is same error I have config put in efi and reset nvram and create new send me file is the correct ? is the worked I donate you but how update oc I don't know xd https://easyupload.io/3wewml
  8. @MaLd0n ok I don't know google sayed this by me is normal I have upload with you link send https://easyupload.io/5vlfkc
  9. hi I send here my files thanks send the link about 4,1 mb size greet max https://drive.google.com/file/d/13upDBvLkRmq05kBL6pDvPaLSmo0jc3pe/view?usp=sharing
  10. ok i doing in minutes and send to you sorry i have see now the tpic
  11. Hi I used since 1 week big sur with oc loader but I have many problems I very new for the oc loader I come from clover *clover with Catalina worked fine with the touchpad driver and all other device perfect but I noob about clean install * efi is backuped on usb disk etc now I have problem with my efi number 1 > boot time is very long, touchpad no worked oc validate Say 2 error efi number 2 > touchpad no worked with oc and sd card get freeze validate Say 22 error efi number 3 > from GitHub s340 bigsur files can't install osx and bad kexte efi numb
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