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  1. I try to install Catalina on my system but I get always kernel panic how can I fix it . Cpu e8400 mobo g41 gpu n210 IMG_20210225_213026~2.jpg.zip
  2. Hello everyone I am try to build a hackintosh several times but some time I sucess some time not so I want to know what kext are very important for hackintosh..and why kernel panic error. My rig mobo g41 Cpu e8400 Gpu 210 Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello I trying to enable audio sound in alc887 by Apple alc method but it doesn't work on my Gigabyte g41 mts2pt board .I check about mac it shows Audio but in sound it doesn't show any output ar input device . My system is mobo g41, cpu e8400 , Gpu n210 . Thanks in advance
  4. I try to install mac os Vanilla orilla Catalina on my system but I face an error and can not reach the installer My system Mobi g41mts2pt Cpu e8400 Gpu n210 Thanks in advance
  5. I install olarila macos sierra on my hackintosh I need dsdt patch for my hackintosh lga775 g41 mts2pt
  6. Hello everyone I install olarila macos sucessful but when I restart I stuck in clover bootloader screen because keyboard and mouse not working.. how to fix this
  7. Good morning everyone I am trying to install macos sierra 10.12 version on my hackintosh . My rig is Gigabyte g41 mts2pt mobo and cpu e8400 and gpu msi n210 . When I try to install get an error that is waiting for remote debugger connection :kdp_poll : no debugger device how to fix it . Thanks in advance. Attachments
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