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  1. Thanks, Config2 contains -igfxvesa and -wegnoegpu. I have tried to use both but still halt at the same error. Any idea?
  2. I stopped High Sierra and now I am trying to install Olarila Sierra. But it still fails to get the installation menu, even though with config2. I attached the error screenshot Error 10.12.zip
  3. Thanks for your reply but sorry still no luck Tried to boot with the default Olarila clover settings stuck on MACH reboot then I changed SMBIOS to iMac12 till 15 and still halted on this (pic attached) Any other suggestion? stuckon.zip
  4. I want to install macOS High Sierra on my HP 202 G1 MT but stuck on "Please Switch to XPC or bootstrap_check_In (): com.apple.bsd.dirhelper' I created the USB Installer with the following command and then put Opencore bootloader on EFI partition of that USB installer Sure, I missed something that made that stuck. Anyone can do me a favor? Thanks sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/MyVolume HP 202 G1 MT: Intel Core i3 2120 @ 3.30GHz | Intel HD 2000 | HP 2B19 Sandy Bridge config.zip
  5. Thanks MaLd0n, but sorry I need more help to make things clear for me. 1- Apply PNLF Patch or use SSDT PNLF It's a kind of option. Can I just download and use SSDT PNLF from the given link and ignore the option b-Patch Maciasl? Is that right?
  6. Dear Expert, Please patch my Mojave DSDT. I want to have brightness on it and to make it able to sleep. Here is my Sendme file https://filebin.net/54cqey6a6ybmqlmr/Send_me.zip?t=cazaqaoz Thanks.
  7. -x flags still bring no progress. How can I install GT210 driver from high Sierra?
  8. Dear Admin, Please patch my DSDT as a link below. I cant upload here because of file limitation. Thanks https://filebin.net/jj4lddly3ny6pfng
  9. Yes I did it before but still no effect. Any help again?
  10. Please help me, My PC can't get to the installation process with my Mojave Olarila USB stick. It just ends with MACH Reboot error. Then I replace the EFI folder with the one of Siera Olarila. It works fine until the installation process finish. Then rebooting but it stucks on white screen with immoveable cursor. It just like getting closer to the desktop screen. Here is the pic attached. My PC: Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 | Foxconn G41 DDR3 | NVidia GeForce GT210 error.zip
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