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  1. Here's a screenshot of the _PTS section with loads of sleep commands and the DSDT itself. It's probably overkill having that many but it does the trick and it doesn't seem to add any extra time onto the shutdown. There was a call to a DSKM function here too originally but that only did anything if the arg was 3 and given I never use this PC for sleep, I've stripped that out so it's clean. All seems to be working fine, not had a bad shutdown since I did this! Thanks again. _PTS Screenshot.zip dsdt.aml
  2. I think I've found a workaround (I've not had a bad shutdown in a while now). I went back to my original DSDT and customised the _PTS method so when the arg is 5, I do a load of sleep(0x14) commands (I put ten of them in one after another in succession). My hunch was that given the machine sometimes shuts down quickly but other times didn't (but did always shutdown in the end eventually), something somewhere low level was running too fast and there was a race condition happening which caused things to get into a weird state sometimes. As such I decided to try slowing down the method by ad
  3. OK thanks so much! I tried that fix, hopefully I've done it right (see attached screenshot and patched DSDT attempt I made) What happens now with this new patched DSDT attempt is that the shutdown now hangs 100% of the time, with the monitors turning themselves off but the fans still on and power light still on. The computer then requires a big finger on the power button to shut it down. It seems like this code has changed something! I just need it to power down the machine 100% of the time now instead! I don't actually ever use Sleep on this machine so am not too fussed about Sleep
  4. Still no joy. If I use IO Registry Explorer I can see that with your DSDTs there is nothing underneath the 2822 device whereas when using my vanilla DSDT, it shows all the SATA devices fine underneath that; with all 6 ports showing as available. I've tried using MaciASL to manually copy just some of your changes over to my DSDT but it makes no difference and the machine still doesn't shutdown reliably. I'm really frustrated that OpenHaltRestart.kext doesn't work in El Capitan, or I could just use that; it's always been bulletproof at enforcing reliable shutdowns on this machine for m
  5. I've found a different DSDT that I have for my motherboard from the vanilla one I provided you at the start of this thread. This new one was patched by a friend of mine many years ago. This one is already patched for RTC and for IRQ I believe. Would you be able to try the fixes, you applied to my original DSDT, to this new one for me and I can see if my SATA drives will start working again with this one patched instead? Let me know! I just noticed that you normally request people post DSDT requests to your single thread and not start new topics. Let me know if you'd prefer me to do t
  6. Hi MaLd0n. Thanks so much for this! I tried this DSDT but unfortunately it's just the same as the first DSDT provided; it causes the system to get stuck on 'Still waiting for root device...' at boot. I tried taking the SSD out of the SATA bay and booting it via a USB to SATA cable and it then does boot fine from USB with your DSDT. However, when doing that, OS X cannot see any of the AHCI ports on the system (which explains why it can't boot from SATA directly). If it helps, the AHCI IOPCIPrimaryMatch for my system is 0x28228086. Could it be to do with running out of IRQs since you u
  7. OK, here's my Full Dump. Many thanks! Send me Computer.zip
  8. Thank you so much! I tried this DSDT but El Capitan doesn't boot with it, it just hangs. So I cut the power and then tried booting again but with -v. I can see that it gets stuck 'Still waiting for root device...' If I swap the DSDT back to my original file, using my backup drive, El Capitan boots fine again and the line I can see with a -v boot, where it got stuck before, is now this: Got boot device = IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/[email protected]/AppleACPIPCI etc. etc. Are you able to provide me with another DSDT try? It seems like your provided DSDT prevents my AHCI SATA boot dri
  9. Recently upgraded from Mavericks to El Capitan and have got everything working perfectly, except my shutdowns are really inconsistent. Restarts always work perfectly. The motherboard is an Intel P965 ICH8. Sometimes the machine does shutdown perfectly, other times it hangs with the monitors turned off but with the fans still going and then eventually the power light goes out and the fans stop. But it's irritating that it does this sometimes. On Mavericks I used to use OpenHaltRestart.kext and it always shutdown straight away 100% of the time but that kext causes KPs on El Capitan so
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