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  1. Should we update to the new? mine is b460m - i5 10600 - rx 570 4g and run Big Sur 11.1
  2. Can i update if Snapshot Sealed said : Broken? I found the warning of update ability in https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/extras/big-sur/#cannot-update-to-newer-versions-of-big-sur
  3. Dear @MaLd0n Can I upgrade directly from 11.1 without reinstallation - I'm using opencore 0.66 with the newest kext. Tks
  4. Dear @MaLd0n After running a game, my RX 480 - GPU Fan reaches to max speed and not comeback to lower speed until I restart the machine. My system is: Gigabyte B460M AORUS Pro - i5 10600 - Running at 11.1 Big Sur. WIth the Asus RX480 4Gb So do you have any idea or solution to resolve this issue? P/S: I had tried to use AGPMInjector but it doesn't work at all. Also try to disable & enable iGPU in BIOS and no work.
  5. Sir; I follow & use your files to build b460 with iGPU but my Hackintosh Pasted Graphic.png.zipdetect the system with CPU core i9 6 cores, but my system is only core i5 - 10600. By the way, I posted the full dump here, please kindly support to get the full patch https://www.mediafire.com/file/rd6z1fmejvbe7rs/Send_me_Mac.zip/file How to revise it to the right spec?
  6. Dear @MaLd0n My Big Sur hackintosh with b460m pro aorus + iGPU 10600 works fine but it's not sleep automatically. Please help me to bulid full dsdt to fix the sleep issue. I drop the send me here, please ... https://www.mediafire.com/file/8js5sjnohpa9zxb/Send_me.zip/file Tks
  7. Tks sir, I followed ur instructions and got Big Sur success installed. Only one issue is the machine can't wake up after sleep. I do post my dump here in the link below: https://www.mediafire.com/file/09qjdonvhqgtbzk/Send_me-iMac.zip/file Please try to help me the full DSDT patched and find out why the machine doesn't wake up after sleep. Tks sir
  8. Got the same spec. Is this DSDT Patch work with Big Sur? Do I need to do anything else to install Big Sur?
  9. Hey @MaLd0n Can i use this full patch for only iGPU system (the same spec recommendation but with out rx 5700 xt). What i need to do to comply this, i guess i can't use the Mac Pro SMBIOS any more, have to change to iMAC20,1 ? Tks
  10. Thanks sir, let me try and feedback to you later. You have a nice week, sir!
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