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  1. then you have to try hackintool to generate the framebuffer https://www.olarila.com/topic/5970-guide-hackintool-video-patch-fast-and-easy-solution/
  2. if you want to try with these just take device properties and copy to your plist PciRoot(0x0):Pci(0x2,0x0).zip
  3. !! Update bootloader !! try this if don t work try replace AAPL,ig-platform-id = 00009B3E config.plist.zip
  4. Why VoodooHDA kext ? You use AppleAlc.kext, in clover/ kext /other Add to boot argument alcid=5 save, reboot test, alcid=7 save, reboot, test...........
  5. From mac os Can you set startup disk from system preferences? Try reset NVram at boot from OC
  6. Strange that the disk is not detected, at startup you only see windows and no trace of opencore? Have you checked under the bootable peripheries in the bios?
  7. try this from Windows open terminal as Admin bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\OC\OpenCore.efi
  8. You can add bootentry to bios through EasyUEFI OR Bootice https://www.olarila.com/topic/13072-dual-boot-guide-clover-and-open-core/
  9. have you copied the EFI of the in the EFI of the disk? test the various layouts available for your codec Realtek ALC235-layout.zip
  10. Have you copied the kext to its folder in EFI and added in the plist in boot-arg alcid = 7 ?
  11. CloverConfigPlistValidator has now been included in clover https://github.com/CloverHackyColor/CloverBootloader/releases check the plist with it and correct any errors refer to Sample.plist contained in the release
  12. the resources folder in the release is empty there are no icons for that, you have to update it from here (default theme created by the opencore developers) https://github.com/acidanthera/OcBinaryData Maldon posted a great mini guide recently https://www.olarila.com/topic/14268-how-to-update-opencore-bootloader-fast-and-easy-release-or-pre-release-version/
  13. replace your resorces folder with this Resources.zip plist.zip
  14. Thanks 👌 , definitely useful for many, we hope they remember to set OCConfigurator to the right release and update it 😆 otherwise it messes up the plist, surely fast , pity don't learn how to edit the plist and understand the differences, being that it does the whole program,but there is time for that😁 Edit : Checked with ocvalidate , no issues found 🤙
  15. you can find them in the sample.plist copy them, simply leave them by default in your config.plist, they are okay
  16. check your playlist with ocvalidate https://drive.google.com/file/d/18EfX6ryjVlrrAr5Mq_Zsac7sQ1ELxzRH/view? usp = sharing look for missing entries in the Sample.plist and add them to your config.plist recheck with ocvalidate sample +ocvalid..zip
  17. set the right smbios https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/config-laptop.plist/coffee-lake.html#platforminfo you can apply -HD620 and 630 9th Gen patch here you can try mine config.plist.zip hackintool click first here https://imgur.com/gallery/r7tOGUC
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