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  1. So hello, I managed to install macOS Big Sur on my ASUS Laptop (Intel HD 630 i5-10210U). Graphics is working perfectly but the HDMI is not. When I plug a monitor in, the display (built in to the laptop) goes off for a second and comes back; no signal on the monitor. I will attach my OpenCore config and Hackintool screenshot if you need reference. Please help if you can. 🧑‍💻🥺. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TLDXmBwrBRIUIie_3kSeIrKmUARn05y7/view?usp=sharing Jenul Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 09.22.56.zip
  2. hey😗, I am not a technical person. So can you config the HDMI for me? Lets leave out Nvidia for now.
  3. how to do this? Can you explain in DETAIL? Will the HDMI work after this? Note that I have mx 250 not 230. Will this work for it as well? Please explain dear friend. 🙃
  4. Well, I happened to fix this by myself, unexpectedly of course. I used Hackintool to inject a supported dev-id and frame buffer. But one issue is there. How to fix the HDMI? @bss111 bro, if you can explain how to get the HDMI going, you would be a hero! I suspect that my HDMI is connected to the dGPU (MX 250), you have said in an earlier post that it is possible to patch, right?
  5. Here, I suppose it is this. You there? Do you think that this can be fixed? Bro please don't abandon me🥺🥺
  6. No. Os is not loading. But I can boot into the OS using the USB stick that I used to install it.
  7. ACPI Error: 20 table load failures. 11 successful The bootloader cursor is really smooth though.
  8. So, should I replace the ACPI folder with the one you gave me earlier and change ACPI in OpenCore configurator?
  9. Ok, could you explain what you mean by 'open os from application to update' sorry to bother but I don't understand it 😁
  10. @prabhat04 can you give me the config for big sur? Hackintool comet lake is missing for some reason
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