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  1. Hi again! One question... Does the new image of Big Sur (20B50 compilation) contains the new Clover folders? Do we need to do anymore? Or just run the USB and start the installation?
  2. Thank you so much, you are the best one!
  3. Then, what can I do? Can I carry on with Big Sur without doing that?
  4. I can’t open it in BigSur. I receive “You are not authorized to run this applicaton”...
  5. Thank you for the answer. I’ve checked it two or three times as it’s explained in the guide. I have always the same problem, i’m stucked at the same point trying to migrate from Clover to Opencore and trying to install Opencore from 0...
  6. Hi everyone! I’m trying to migrate from Clover to OC. I have a perfect configuration, checked, on my config.plist. But I get this stucked image when I try to start with OC... https://ibb.co/RSvcTqV
  7. Thank you so much! I’m going to try it tomorrow...
  8. Hello! I imagine you've downloaded the BigSur image and burned it with Banela ... So you just have to install it on top? As if you were to install MacOS from the USB but without erasing the hard drive, right?
  9. Good afternoon! Is that guide still useful to install BigSur? It helped me to install Catalina with Clover 5119, but now with all the Clover changes I don't know if there is anything else to do in addition to what the guide says ...
  10. I am in the same situation ... I have Clover 5122 with Catalina 10.15.7. Everything works perfectly. I want to upgrade to Big Sur or install from scratch ... What should I do?
  11. Hello everyone! I installed following this guide Catalina version, using clover 5122. Now to upgrade to big sur i need to upgrade clover to version 5126. Will my current efi work? Or do I have to change something in my config.plist? If I try to update the version of Clover it tells me that it is not compatible with my MacOS version...
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