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  1. Reboot/Shutdown locking up with some network error. this is the file : https://filebin.net/2oq6zswuji2iej6b/Send_me_Ivans-iMac.zip?t=c0lj24y1
  2. Hello everyone, Mas system had been running 10.14.5 just fine for almost a year but in the mast few weeks, all of sudden I am getting this error when rebooting or shutting down: Realtek rtl8111 link down on en0 This is the last message on the reboot process and the system just stays hung up there. Tried updating clover to the latest version but it didn't help. Also didn't install anything new besides a new hard disk. Any ideas?
  3. Attached is my runme results. anyone? Send me Ivans-iMac.zip
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